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MOVIE REVIEW October 2004

October 2004
MOVIE REVIEW October 2004


Starring: Kareena Kapoor, Fardeen Khan, Shahid Kapur

Director: Ken Ghosh

Music Director: Anu Malik

Fida, like its title, is crisp and compelling. It is an engaging thriller and even the romance is packed with a deadly punch. But (after Kyun Ho Gaya Na), if you were looking forward to checking out the chemistry between another pair of real life lovers ? Kareena and Shahid ? you would surely be disappointed. The vibes actually crackle louder between Kareena and Fardeen.

Director Ken Ghosh comes a long way from his debut teeny-bopper flick, Ishq Vishk. He evokes interest right in the opening frame, sustains it throughout and brings the drama to an impressive finale. It would be criminal to even outline a story that is so full of shocking twists and turns. Suffice it to say that the three main characters are single-mindedly driven by wordly passions. They all want to own the best things in life ? nothing wrong with that ? but their means of acquiring them makes them ruthlessly selfish. It is, refreshingly, not a clich�d climax.

If Chameli saw Kareena play the streetwalker with no qualms of conscience, then Fida revels in her blatant meanness. As the designer version of Lady Macbeth, she is terrific. Fardeen Khan is effortlessly suave as the scheming hacker. The guy certainly has come a long way. And Shahid? Well, despite his acting/dancing skills and perfect voice modulation, it will take some more time before this boy-man can really look convincing as a hero.

Anu Malik's music is fabulous and one of the film's undeniable assets. For once, you don't mind the steady stream of songs.

On the whole, a good watch replete with eye-catching locales. The movie has been shot in Cape Town and Dubai.

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