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Helping Students Discover Their Calling

January 2005
Helping Students Discover Their Calling

The Lighter Side

I live near a university and have learned not to be too surprised by what students do. But something really shocked me the other day: A student was walking down the street with both hands in his pockets, no cell phone pressed to his ear. It was such an unusual sight that I had to stop and show my concern.

Me: "Excuse me, how come you aren't speaking into a cell phone like all the other students? Are you feeling okay?"

Student: "Yes, mister, I'm fine. I just don't wanna talk to anyone right now."

Me: "Come on, now. You can't just walk around without talking to anyone. What will people think? Aren't you concerned about your image?"

Student: "Of course I am. But my girlfriend is in class right now, so I don't have anyone to call."

Me: "Surely there's someone you can call: your mother, your best friend, your spiritual leader. And if you can't reach them, why don't you just pretend to talk to someone? Otherwise people will think you have no life. Your reputation is at stake, you know."

The student thanked me, pulled out two cell phones, and spoke into one: "Dude, what's up? You gonna watch the game with me tonight or what? Hold on a sec, my other phone is ringing. I think it's the Pope."

I was happy to set him straight, make him understand the importance of using his cell phone. After all, most college students in America can't survive a single day without touching their cell phones, though many survive months, even years, without touching their textbooks.

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