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November 2010
Readers Write Yoga means union and universal

Excellent!! That is the word I will use to describe your editorial in the October issue (“Should Hindus worry about the ‘theft’ of yoga?).

The word yoga is accepted in English vocabulary just as other words like karma, shanti, swastika, om et al, and it has nothing to do with the entire yoga process as described in the ancient scriptures.

I fully agree with you that yoga practices were intended to be universal. The real meaning of yoga is union between mind and soul. Ancient sages used various forms of yoga to achieve this goal, and when that happens it is said that the person (think of Buddha and Jesus) has achieved enlightenment.

Physical exercises performed under the name of yoga are only a small part of the whole yoga and are called Hatha Yoga. They are not necessary on the path to spiritual journey, but useful to those who feel attracted in that direction.

Most western countries use derivatives of Hatha Yoga, along with various forms of karate and martial arts, as part of an exercise regimen. Some Western groups have even included parts of Bharatnatyam dance in modern yoga lessons! If one reads the article “Yoga and Me” by Ankita Rao in the October issue of Khabar, I am sure they will understand the type of yoga being practiced in America and other Western countries.

Manju Ghosh
Macon, Georgia

Help people to be self-sufficient

In Sadhguru’s words we should all be virtuous beyond our own virtues without any bias. In other words, people being sympathetic to certain causes, with certain people, are not compassionate. When we are passionate about everything, then we are compassionate. It is not about having a little pity or sympathy for something. Compassion is the highest virtue when we look at life beyond life.

Next time when you reach for your wallet at some fundraiser, think how effectively you can use your resources. Natural disasters have been happening for millions of years, but if we live in overpopulated countries in substandard infrastructure and where poverty is fact of life, people are going to suffer and die. So why not work towards reducing the population growth and educating the masses so that they can take care of themselves?

Girish Modi
Decatur, Georgia

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