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Success Strategies

By Rajesh Jyotishi Email By Rajesh Jyotishi
June 2009
Success Strategies

It is a fundamental fact of life that we all make mistakes. The question is, how do you deal with your mistakes? When you make a mistake, does it keep you from trying again or do you get even more juiced to try again until you succeed? Do you even acknowledge that you might have made a mistake? Do you take steps to correct mistakes or to make sure the same mistakes don’t happen again?

Everybody has a different way to deal with the mistakes in their lives, and a lot of this depends on your conditioning and the level of loss you have suffered. Usually it is your emotions and perspectives that dictate the level of your losses. Experience is sometimes overrated: a cat who sits on a hot stove may not sit on a cold stove again.

It is important to keep your mistakes in proper perspective. Your perspective can change your entire focus and outlook on any situation. Some of the most successful people in the world are also known for their failures. Babe Ruth, the baseball player, in the same year he broke the world record in home runs also had the most strikeouts. Walt Disney went bankrupt five times before he found his success.

The lessons I have learned from some of the most successful people in the world on mistakes are as follows.

I think you will agree that we all have a lot to give and share with the world around us. Whether you are contributing your talent, ideas or services, if you are not willing to try and fail, then the loss is not only for you, but for everyone who will miss out on your gifts. Remember, even a turtle can only move when he sticks his neck out!

Book Recommendation

The Noticer: Sometimes, all a person needs is a little perspective.

By Andy Andrews

A heartwarming book about a boy who started out homeless and meets a friend named Jones, who gives him a new perspective on his life and opportunities. Jones seems to appear from nowhere and gives all of the people in the town priceless advice on perspective. The book is a refreshing look at challenges we all experience in a variety of forms. Sometimes all we need is a little lesson on perspective. You can get this as an audiobook as well as in print. The audio narration is well done, with different voices by the author giving it a conversational flair.

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