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Do temple calendars belong in the trash?

October 2014
Do temple calendars belong in the trash?

In the beginning of each year, I face a great dilemma. What to do with the pictures of gods on the calendars from the previous year? I receive nearly ten calendars each year from different temples as a return favor for my $10 donation. I am stuck with nearly 120 pictures of our gods in different poses, some alone and others with their spouses. We hang them in our puja room, worship them with great reverence throughout the year, and then trash them the next year! Isn’t this blasphemous? How can I disrespect my own gods? If people of other religions do it to our gods, we feel rightfully indignant and want them to rectify their behavior. What about our own disrespect? This is my beginning-of-the-year dilemma. Any suggestions from Khabar readers? [Please respond in this column.]


Dr. Gopal Veeraswamy
by email

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