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Letters from Readers

September 2022
Letters from Readers

Heartfelt compliments for a wonderful publication

Through sheer providence, I came across Khabar’s digital issue online. It turned out to be an NRI jewel in an ocean of mediocre monthly magazines. The sleek publication with its eye-catching cover, the rich content imbued with real-life experiences and humane values by highly accomplished writers, and the excellent editing and layout of pages left me spellbound. Being a freelance writer, I could not spot any spelling or grammatical errors. The magazine is obviously the outcome of painstaking effort and superb teamwork. My compliments on this unique literary endeavor.

I read the August issue and thoroughly enjoyed it. The articles by Sonia Handa Kumar (“My Turn: In Her Shadow”) and Dr. Bhagirath Majmudar (“Musings: Death, Divinity, and Eternal Love”) merit special mention. These two write-ups literally cast a magical spell and transported me to a heavenly realm altogether.

Sonia Handa’s story had me in sheer thrall for its vivid portrayal of the mental struggles of the new wife as she slowly and gradually adjusted herself to a household that is strewn with the memories of her deceased predecessor in every nook and corner. The story has a positive spin with the new entrant slipping into the flip-flops of her predecessor, signifying her assimilation into a caring family.

Majmudar’s heart-rending narrative of Kapil and Candace, the besotted couple, left me heartbroken and teary-eyed. Although it ended on a sorrowful note, it signified the triumph of eternal love over the vicissitudes of life. An odyssey of indescribable joy and sheer grief!

Salutations to both Sonia Handa and Dr. Bhagirath Majmudar for their exquisite craftsmanship with words in weaving these magical tales which left lingering impressions in the mind. May the Almighty endow their pens with greater success in the near future.

I wish Khabar happy and long innings.

Amit Banerjee
Mumbai, India


Swastika is not Hakenkreuz

Thank you for highlighting the issue of the Nazi symbol of Hakenkreuz and the somewhat similar ancient Hindu symbol of Swastika.

Many years ago, a 17-year-old Sri Lankan refugee was working at the New York Hilton as a window cleaner when he sprayed his foam cleaner on a floorto- ceiling glass surface in the form of a Swastika in a way that is traditional in south Indian temple architecture. An influential Jewish survivor of the Holocaust witnessed the harmless act and got the boy fired on the spot.

I tried to reason with both the manager as well as the disturbed Jewish executive and explain the relevance of Swastika in Hindu culture. Despite my fluency in Hebrew, German, and Yiddish, I failed to impress them both. Two years later, I not only helped this young man get his GED but also tutored him for ASVAB which he eventually completed on his third attempt to enlist in the U.S. Army. Unfortunately, SSGT Gopal did not survive his mobilization for Desert Storm and is buried at Arlington.

Incidentally, the Star of David symbol, which is revered by the Jewish folk, is also the same as another very common Hindu symbol that embodies the unity and harmony of the male and female forces.

I am glad that the California State Assembly has modified their legislated Bill AB2282 in response to the protest of Hindu groups.

Krishnan Gorur, Ph.D.
Georgia Peace Officer (Retired)
Macon, Georgia


 Interested in writing for Khabar?

Writers are invited to contact us at editor@khabar.com for submission guidelines. Please include links and/or attach copies of published articles, if any, as samples of your work. A review of our back issues online will give you a good idea of what we like to publish. Pitches or unsolicited articles that haven’t appeared elsewhere are welcome as well. If there is further interest, Khabar will respond with an offer or provide more information on our requirements.

What’s on YOUR mind?

We welcome original, unpublished letters from our readers. You could either respond to a specific article in Khabar or write about issues relevant to our community. Letters may be edited for length and other considerations. Longer submissions by readers may be considered for the “My Turn” column.

Email: letters@khabar.com • Fax: (770) 234-6115.

Mail: Khabar, Inc. 3635 Savannah Place Dr, Suite 400, Duluth, GA 30096.

Note: Views expressed in the Letters section do not necessarily represent those of the publication.


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