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Letters from Readers

March 2014
Letters from Readers

Wonderful article on interethnic marriages

I very much enjoyed reading the article on interethnic marriages by Dr. Bhagirath Majmudar in the February issue of Khabar. I was particularly struck by these observations: American philosophers refer to the impact of television-oriented culture as DIEversity; “Pithi” is often misspelled as “pity;” Marriages have not only to survive but also thrive; Mexican, Chinese, and Italian foods are regular visitors in Indian kitchens, often dressed up in Indian spices; Divorces after expensive weddings are no longer a stigma; One of the author’s uncles having ocean-blue eyes, red hair, and marble-white skin; The generation gap was most naturally and effortlessly sealed by generation lap!; “This stone is about 10,000 years old. The words are written by an 80-year-old man who says that life today is not what it used to be.”

My thanks to the author for an enlightening article written very well, with humor. Keep it up!

Mahadev Desai

What a beautifully written and poignant article! You have captured what many of us Indian-American youth feel but often cannot fully convey to our parents and other relatives. I am sure your voice and perspective will help many in this regard.

Seema Panduranga, M.D.

Thanks for a wonderful article on interethnic marriages in America. It sheds plenty of light on the dark corners of the mind.

Vina and Thakor

Thanks for this article. We can relate to everything you say, very well! The concerns my parents voiced are reflected accurately in your narrative. Knowing your experience in this area is really comforting for us.

Amit Patel

Good response to reader’s comment

As a resident of Atlanta, I have been an avid reader of your magazine.

In the February issue of Khabar, when one of your readers expressed their discontent over articles about Hinduism, your response was admirable.

It was not apologetic and did not have a conciliatory tone, but it was polite and drove home the point.

We are such avid readers that we save all the past issues of Khabar for our parents to read when they visit us, and they love all the varied articles, desi humor, and the short stories.

Lavanya Veda

Temple Beauty Marred by Sexism

I recently visited the Swaminarayan Mandir in Lilburn, Georgia, and found the monumental glory of the structure breathtaking. The pristine structure defies architectural principles with interlocking blocks of Indian marble, which when lit up at night gleams with pride.

However, the beauty of the structure seems to melt away when aarti begins at 7:00 pm. The volunteers quickly segregate the men and women into separate areas within the hall. Even if separating the genders may seem like a good idea to prevent distractions, what bothered me the most was that the men were positioned up front while the women were all herded in the back of the hall. If separation is desired, why not have both the genders positioned side-by-side? In God’s eyes, everyone is equal, so why are women thrown in the back?

I contacted the temple authorities but was told that it was their custom, and that they could not do anything about it.

Lakshmi Devi

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