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  • Allowing the Feminine to Flower

    Allowing the Feminine to Flower January 2015 - It is not about being physically male or female. The feminine is a certain quality, the masculine also. Only when these are in balance can a human being live a life of fulfillment.

  • A Home for Growth

    A Home for Growth December 2014 - What makes an ashram an ashram is that everyone is here because they want to be here—they are not trapped here. You need to create such a situation in your home, too. Be a volunteer there, too.

  • Contentment is Containment

    Contentment is Containment November 2014 - In lethargy (tamas) there is no life. If you become pure life, it is beautiful. Not enslaved to anything, insecure, or fearful, but joyful. Not scared of life, not contented, but greedy for the infinite.

  • De-linking Religion and Politics

    De-linking Religion and Politics October 2014 - May all of us have the necessary sense and wisdom to prevent this beautiful, vibrant, and all accepting culture of ours from mayhem caused by religious bigotry and conflict.

  • Comparing Yourself to Others

    Comparing Yourself to Others September 2014 - You should not have a problem that someone is doing better than you. If you are joyful by your own nature, then even if you come last, it is still beautiful because you have done your best.

  • Devotion: The Highest Level of Perception

    Devotion: The Highest Level of Perception August 2014 - Once you dismantle the concrete structure of who you are, suddenly the quality of what you are devoted to will just reflect upon you, and that quality will become you. You become that.

  • Mystics and Mistakes

    Mystics and Mistakes July 2014 - Mystic or mistake? If your experience transcends the limitations of sense perception, you are a mystic. Otherwise, you are a mistake--not realizing the mistake is the biggest mistake.

  • Are there choices about Death?

    Are there choices about Death? June 2014 - Are there choices about death? Death is the last act of your life. You can choose to make it happen gracefully and wonderfully. If you are fearful of it, you will miss that possibility.

  • 5 Tips to Help You Succeed

    5 Tips to Help You Succeed May 2014 - Powerful perspectives: 1) Forget Luck, Live by Intent. 2) Stop Fixating on Failure. 3) Work with Clarity. 4) Embrace the People and Things You Dislike. 5) Drop Your Calculations.

  • 10 tips for spiritually evolved parenting

    10 tips for spiritually evolved parenting April 2014 - There is no one standard rule for all children. But to give your children a good upbringing, the rule for parents is to be a peaceful, loving, and blissful human being.






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