• Is Life Unfair?

    Is Life Unfair? November 2013 - Life is unfair because human beings in pursuit of happiness have not become blissful beings expressing their joy. If your life is an expression of joy, not pursuit, you walk very gently on this planet.

  • 4 Tips for a Better Workplace

    4 Tips for a Better Workplace October 2013 - One tip: Relaxed is not lax. Intense is not tense. If you can be intense and relaxed together, all the potential you have will always be used to its fullest. And there's more...

  • Do You Have to Be ‘Dead Serious’ to Be Spiritual?

    Do You Have to Be ‘Dead Serious’ to Be Spiritual? September 2013 - The psychological mess that happens within you is something that you create. If your petty creation has become far more important than the Creator’s creation, that is sacrilege—not spirituality.

  • Horoscope or Horror-scope?

    Horoscope or Horror-scope? August 2013 - Horoscopes are about how the planets are influencing your life. Should inanimate objects decide the course of your destiny, or should human nature decide?

  • Science, Mysticism, and the Longing to Know

    Science, Mysticism, and the Longing to Know July 2013 - The longing to know the nature of creation, the nature of your existence, is the same in science and mysticism. Scientists have chosen to go outward, mystics have turned inward.

  • Creating What You Want

    Creating What You Want June 2013 - The reason why success comes so easy and naturally for one person and is a struggle for another is because one person thinks the way he wants to think and another person thinks against himself.

  • Divinity Does Everything Selflessly

    Divinity Does Everything Selflessly May 2013 - A man saw what was needed and just did it without a second thought. That is fantastic. But if you are trying to sacrifice yourself to get strength, or to go to heaven, that is not it.

  • Meditation: The End of Suffering

    Meditation: The End of Suffering April 2013 - We went to the moon and looked down, and it was 100 percent clear. Only when we removed ourselves was there no more argument about it. Otherwise, we would still be arguing.

  • Rooted in Fear

    Rooted in Fear March 2013 - The root of your fear is just that whichever way you exist—as a physical being or as a personality—you exist as a limited human being, so somebody might prick the bubble. Prick it yourself!

  • Family Life

    Family Life February 2013 - The more you evolve, the more you contribute. If people don't understand, they think you should be stuck on the same level as they are on, to stay with them, and not seek more. That is not family; that is mafia.









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