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How to Manifest What you Want

By Sadhguru Email By Sadhguru
January 2022
How to Manifest What you Want

Can you harness the power of the mind to manifest what you want? Is the law of attraction real? How does a devotee’s desire find manifestation through faith? Sadhguru answers all these questions and more.

The Power of Mind

Whatever people aspire for in their life—whether it is to grow a business, build a house, or whatever else— the thought, “I want this” arises. Once this thought happens, most people focus their energy towards that something through action and start working towards it. If their action is incisive enough, their thought becomes a reality. That is the usual way people function in the world. But they do not know how to infuse or empower that thought with a certain dimension of energy. 

A Single-pointed Mind is PowerfulSpiritual_1_01_22.jpg

Thought itself is a reverberation and an energy. You cannot generate a thought without energy. It is just that because it is happening in such a haphazard way, maybe it does not have the necessary energy to manifest itself. When your mind is single-pointed, it is a powerful instrument. Unfortunately, most of the time this single-pointedness happens to people in a negative way, not in a positive way. An angry mind and also a lustful mind are very single-pointed minds.

Let us look at the process of generating a thought. Is your thought conscious or is it just an outcome of a million things that have already gotten into you? When your thought process is unconscious, most of the time it is like mental diarrhea. There is no control over it. It simply rambles because there is old stuff inside. This is just like: the more bad food you have in your stomach, the more your diarrhea goes on. When you have mental diarrhea, you cannot call it a thought.

Clearing Your Slate

If you want to write on a blackboard, first you have to wipe it clean. Only then will you be able to write clearly. If a million things have already been written on it and you write something else on that, no one can figure out what you have written. And after some time, neither will you. You have to first clear the space and then generate a thought consciously.

If people have cleared their space and then have a thought, this thought really matters because this has come out of a conscious process. Once this thought is on like this and it is held in that clarity, it can be infused with energy. If you generate a thought in your mind consciously and if it is single-pointed, it will find its way in the world. It will manifest itself naturally.

How to Manifest What You Want

Everything we as human beings have created on this planet first found expression in the mind, then it got manifested in the outside world. The wonderful things that we have done, and the horrible things that we have done on this planet—both have come from the human mind. If we are concerned as to what we create in this world, it is extremely important that first we learn to create the right things in our mind. If we do not have the power to keep our minds the way we want, what we create in the world is also going to be very accidental and haphazard.

If you bring your mind to a certain level of organization, your body, emotion and the fundamental life energies get organized in that direction. Once all these four dimensions of yours are organized in one direction, anything that you wish happens without even lifting a finger. It would help to assist it with activity but even without doing any activity you can still manifest what you want, if you organize these four dimensions in one direction and keep it unwavering in that direction for a certain period of time.

The Universe Yields to Both Faith and Commitment

You might have heard of people who asked for something and it came true for them beyond all expectations. Generally, this happens to people who are in faith. Let’s say you want to build a house. If you start thinking, “Oh, I need 50 lakhs to build a house, but I have only 50 rupees in my pocket—not possible, not possible, not possible.” The moment you think, “not possible,” you are also thinking, “I do not want it.”

On one level you are creating a desire that you want something, on another level you are saying that you do not want it. In this conflict, it may not happen. Faith works only for those people who are simple minded. It never works for people who are too much of thinking. What is possible and what is not possible is not your business, that is nature’s business. You just see what is it that you really want and strive for that. If your thought is created in a powerful way, without any negative thoughts bringing down the intensity of the thought process, it will definitely manifest. If you want life to happen the way you think it should happen, with how much focus you think, how stable is your thought and how much reverberance is there in the thought process will determine whether your thought will become a reality or just remain an empty thought.

Today, modern science is proving that the entire existence is a vibration. Similarly, your thought is also a vibration. If you generate a powerful thought and let it out, it will always manifest itself. Generally, people are using faith as a means to remove negative thought. But once you have become thinking human beings, your faith is not too deep. It does not matter how much faith you think you have, somewhere doubts always crop up. The way your mind is right now, if God appears right here, you will not surrender to him; you will want an investigation as to whether he is really God or not. With this kind of mind, you should not waste your time on faith.

There is an alternative which is commitment. If you simply commit yourself to creating what you really care for, now once again your thought gets organized in such a way there is no such thing as whether it is possible or not. There is no hurdle in your thought process. Your thought flows freely towards what you want. Once this happens, making it happen will also naturally follow.

To create what you really care for, the first and foremost thing is that what you want must be well manifested in your mind. Is that what you really want? You must look at it, because for any number of things in your life you have thought, “This is it.” The moment you reach there, you realize that it is not it—it is the next one and the next one. So, first of all, you must explore what it is that you really want. Once that is clear and you are committed to creating it, now there is a continuous process of thought in that direction. Once you can maintain a steady stream of thought without changing direction, it will definitely manifest as a reality in your life.

Sadhguru is a yogi, mystic, and visionary, and a prominent spiritual leader. An author, poet, and internationally renowned speaker, Sadhguru is the founder of Isha Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to human wellbeing. (www.isha.sadhguru.org)



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