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Have a FIT and FUN vacation!

By Aarti Patel Email By Aarti Patel
May 2009
Have a FIT and FUN vacation!

Summer vacation can be a time to relax, get away from your hectic work routine and spend quality time with family and friends. However, it should not be the time to blow your fitness goals and come back with extra baggage.

Here are some tips to stay fit during your summer vacation:

Stay at a hotel with a gym: Do your research ahead of time and book your vacation at a hotel with a gym. Most resorts now provide state-of-the-art fitness centers with staff available to assist. Book yourself for activities that your hotel/resort might offer that you normally do not participate in at home. For example, if you always do Pilates or weight training at home, try a yoga class or tai chi. This not only gives your body a break from your routine workout but also challenges you with different movements.

Exercise early in the day: This might be hard to do on vacation but if you are going away for a week, plan maybe 3 days that you can wake up a little early to get your workout in and out of the way. Not only will you feel energized after an early morning workout, but you will also enjoy that breakfast buffet guilt free!

Schedule recreational sports mid-afternoon: If you are a golfer, plan your golf game for the afternoon or early evening. Our metabolism slows down as the day goes on and a mid-afternoon activity will keep you active and burning calories all through the evening. How about a game of racquetball or tennis one afternoon? Leisurely bike rides are also a great way to go sightseeing and get a workout. Choose a different mid-afternoon activity each day of your vacation.

Wear comfortable shoes during the day and at night: With comfortable shoes you might walk more and be motivated do a little extra sightseeing, therefore burning more calories. Ladies, ditch those stiletto heels and put on something comfy to go dancing. Remember, an hour of dancing can burn up to three hundred calories. Not a bad idea if you’ve splurged on dessert!

Set some workout goals: I know, I know, you don’t want to set goals on vacation, but setting a goal will actually help you accomplish something. Instead of just planning to swim for your workout, why not set a goal to swim 30 laps? Or get a pedometer to count your steps and set a daily (or every other day) goal of a couple of thousand steps.

Portable equipment: So what if you are staying at some remote villa that has no gym or workout facilities? Exercise bands are a great way to go. These portable bands can be purchased at any sporting good store, they pack well and most come with a list of strengthening exercises you can do. Use the outdoors to walk, jog, sprint, lunge and squat to get a great cardio workout.

Vacation nutrition: Take healthy snacks with you when you travel. Make a homemade mix of chex cereal or granola with some almonds, walnuts and raisins to keep your hunger at bay and energy level up during those airport delays and when the only food available is French fries and pizza. Bananas and apples are great travel foods for snacking. Always keep a water bottle with you. During vacation, set a time for meals and avoid unnecessary eating between meals and late night eating. And finally, do keep in mind that any colorful beverage that comes in a glass decorated with a pretty umbrella packs in a lot of unnecessary calories! Have a fun, relaxing, fit vacation.

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