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Learning Life Lessons

By Poornima Apte Email By Poornima Apte
August 2018
Learning Life Lessons

Meera Gandhi is an award-winning humanitarian, philanthropist, and founder of the Giving Back Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to helping those in need around the world, particularly women and children. Giving Back, her TV series, takes viewers on a journey through episodes such as Revitalization, Freedom, Happiness, and Karma & Destiny. The proceeds from her documentary, musical CD, and coffee table book fund her charity.

When did you launch the Giving Back Foundation? What inspired you to do so?
I launched the Giving Back Foundation in 2010 as a catalyst to aid women and children’s education. When I saw the unprecedented success I was enjoying, as well as my three children, it was clear that a good education was key to opening the doors of opportunities to people.



(Left) Meera Gandhi's Foundation runs the St. Michael's School in New Delhi.

What kinds of successes have you achieved with programs at the Foundation?
We run the St. Michael’s School in New Delhi that has 120 girls who are now in college. Each year we take in 12 children to room and board from kindergarten and educate them carefully till they go to college.

Several other mentorship and leadership programs are very successful in initiating change and happiness in many lives. We recently started the Meera Gandhi Show to encourage people to live a more fulfilling life free of stress and worry. This series is already in reruns at B4U television networks in North America and the UAE (United Arab Emirates). We hope to be launching in Indian networks at some point soon.

How do you execute the Foundation’s mission all over the world?
We have offices in Hong Kong, New Delhi, Dubai, London, and New York and work through our offices to get the job done.



What was the inspiration for the show?
The inspiration of the show was something I had deep inside me for a long time. But in 2014 when I returned to New York with my family, I noticed very high levels of stress and sadness. I know this is not the life journey we are meant to live. I teamed up with B4U television networks and scripted a 13-series season where we address love, compassion, happiness, creativity, joyfulness along with specific topics to create and maintain these energies in our lives.

The show has been a runaway success, and many thousands of viewers write in saying the show has touched their lives or brought a smile back on their face or that work seems easier. All this has shown us its great success. The show is in reruns by popular demand and B4U TV asked me to do another season starting in May.

Why is your show especially necessary in today’s society?
We live in a symbiotic society where we all have to be happy. We rely on each other. In order to have a healthy world, it is necessary to help all humans feel happy and be in a good space mentally and physically. This is why we are promoting tools for healthy, stressfree living.

What is the one takeaway message you would like our readers to hold with them?
Khabar readers need to know that they never need to feel despondent. The answers are out there; we can help find the answers. The planet is a friendly place and not a lonely one, and we are here to help, and to provide answers, to create satsang groups to discuss issues, and find solutions. We want everyone to be happy.



What do you see as the next phase for the foundation?
The next phase is to develop our product line; the candle and the fragrance are excellent products and tools that will help people feel centered and focused as they go about their day. All proceeds go to charity.

What do you like to do for fun?
I like to do yoga, and I meditate. I love walking and enjoy reading historical accounts of people and places. Spirituality has a certain lightness of mind that I gravitate towards instinctively.




Poornima Apte is a Boston-area freelance writer and editor. Learn more at WordCumulus.com.


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