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Chai Latte Productions: "Khaane ke Bahane"

11/5/2015 7:00 PM

Chai Latte Productions: "Khaane ke Bahane"

Chai Latte Productions presents Appreciating Desi Artists in Atlanta (ADAA)
"Khaane Ke Bahane: Open Mic for desi artists"
is today.

If you are looking for a little masti and fun , do drop by to enjoy eclectic songs, amazing people and awesome food. And bring a couple of friends along to amplify the fun.

The event cost has been reduced from $16 to $10 (for chai and snacks, entertainment).
(The dinner option is still available for $16- if you are interested).
Thank you Rahim Bhai☺ for giving artists a platform at Mirchi Virchi.

We have ten singers who are sharing their talent with us.
Babar Akbar
Glenda and Rashid Farook
Mohammed Ismail Imran
Geeta Khanna
Uma Lakshman
Mahesh Patel
Sunny Sacheva
Raka Das Saha
Navin Tyagi
What an amazing line-up! Thank you guys for singing your hearts out for us!

Venue: Mirchi Virchi, 9700 Medlock Bridge Rd Suite 100, Johns Creek, Georgia 30097
When: Thursday, November 5th (7-9PM)
Cost: $10 (For chai, snacks and entertainment)
$16- (For dinner buffet, chai and entertainment)
Contact Aqsa at (404) 312-4950.
A little about Chai Latte Productions.
Chai Latte Productions is dedicated to celebrating the plethora of South Asian adult artists in the Atlanta area.
We have a two part mission.
We want to
1) Entertain you: the audience.
2) Celebrate amazingly talented,thriving, local, adult South Asian Artists.

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