The Guardians of India’s Cinematic Heritage

The Guardians of India’s Cinematic Heritage

MUMBAI’S MECCA FOR FILM FANS: Anybody who has despaired over India’s haphazard approach to cultural preservation will find that it’s old news when it comes to cinema. The outstanding work of two institutions—the Film Heritage Foundation and the National Museum of Indian Cinema—as custodians and promoters of the country’s rich movie legacy has made them a magnet for visitors. After years of being relegated to dirty film canisters, dusty cupboards, and old memorabilia stores, India’s cinematic heritage is being ferreted out, restored, and exhibited. Did you know that India’s first films were documentaries and not a feature film? Or that a movie as recent as Dil Chahta Hai is being restored and documented for posterity? These and more fascinating nuggets are to be discovered as you explore the modern building and the beautiful Victorian one, replete with costumes, cameras, posters, memorabilia, and more, and take your photo with Raj Kapoor’s Awara statue! Read more »

Spell Pundits: Churning Out Bee Champions

ROOTS OF SPELLING BEE SUCCESS: How SpellPundit, and the Dasari family who created the startup, can explain a lot about the rise of Indian-American spell champions. Read more »

Films: You Can’t Hurry Love…

ANOTHER HIT FROM "THE LUNCHBOX" DIRECTOR: As Ritesh Batra explains, and his "Photograph" shows, people find love in unexpected places—and ways. Watch it on a lazy summer afternoon! Read more »

Looking Back: Watching the Moon Landing from Bombay

REMEMBERING THE APOLLO 11 MISSION: When Neil Armstrong visited Bombay fifty years ago, this
awestruck author was in the audience. Here's what it meant to her then and 3 aspects just as compelling now. Read more »

India, in Your Face—in America

We live in an abundance of Indian influences: the “Indianization” in America is going strong. Now if only the Trump camp could see immigrants differently and get in step with the times! Read more »

Letters from Readers

More Thoughts on the Kumbh Mela, by Bhagirath Majmudar, MD: looking at the composition of the water in the rivers and in ourselves, at the absence of epidemics at the Kumbh, and more. Read more »

Insurance When You’re Newly Married

Marriage changes insurance needs. Newly married couples should review their individual insurance and consider new coverage: auto, home, health, disability, life, liability, and extended care. Read more »

A Culture of Compliance

Compliance may be seen as a vague area with negative connotations. It's worth paying attention to, however, both to avoid risks and to reap the positive benefits of a culture of compliance. Read more »

Health: Fad diets aren’t the solution— what’s better?

HOW TO BE SLIM AND TRIM THIS SUMMER: Faddish diets are not the solution for losing weight and staying fit, but there are other ways to do it. Why Keto, Paleo, and other fad diets are not magic pills. Read more »

Immigration News Briefs

Five Years of Social Media History Required / Fee Changes for Students, Schools, Exchange Visitors / Changes in H-1B Filing / DATES FOR FILING VISA APPLICATIONS, APPLICATION FINAL ACTION DATES Read more »

David Letterman celebrates Eid with Shah Rukh Khan

Shah Rukh Khan’s fans got a surprise at Eid as standing alongside SRK on the balcony of his palatial house, Mannat, was David Letterman, in his snow white beard and round-framed glasses. Read more »


Cricket superstar Virat Kohli helps needy children. One is a budding golf star, 14-year-old Arjun Bhati of Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh, who has twice won in the Kids World Golf Championship. Read more »

Southeast Emmy Award winners

The 45th Annual Southeast Emmy Award winners were honored by the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Southeast. Four desi winners and nine more nominees were among the 1,300 entries. Read more »


Briefs / Books: a Mistry mystery!; Coromandel...[pre-Aryan] South India; adventures of NRI sisters; In the Key of Nira Ghani [YA]; inspirational women for 5-12-yr-olds; and one for 4-8-yr-olds. Read more »

Tackling the Plastic Menace

One of the planetary perils we face today is the overuse of plastic. Atlanta-based entrepreneur Mehul Bhagat cofounded Savor to come out with spoons that you eat rather than discard. Read more »

Is Laughter Really the Best Medicine?

Laughter is known as the best medicine, but it can also turn into a bondage. Work on the source of your laughter. The deepest core of you is joy. Let it find expression. Read more »






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