Confluence of Cultures

Confluence of Cultures

INSPIRING ARTISTES WHO BRING CULTURES TOGETHER: Multiculturalism is on the defense in this period of polarization. But as the inventive chef, dancers, and musicians profiled here show, when different cultures coexist, we see not only creative cross-pollination but also gain a better understanding of others. These folks redefine what it means to be a citizen today. They showcase their North American upbringing and their Indian heritage. The result? A fresh perspective that entertains, inspires, and redefines the very essence of Indian-American culture. There’s Portobello mushrooms with garam masala. Sublime Carnatic ragas blended smartly with jazz and electronica. Good old bhangra amped up with hip-hop, pop rock, and Bollywood. It’s fusion, creativity, and fun. Meet New York twin dancers Riya and Sara Kapoor; violinist, vocalist, and composer Harini Raghavan of the group Rini; Canadian restaurant owner Vikram Vij; Sameer Gupta, percussionist of American jazz on drum set, and Indian classical music on tabla; and the two-decade-old Cornell Bhangra. Read more »

Spotlight: Taking Yoga to Police Officers and More

RUTU CHAUDHARI: A YOGA MISSIONARY. Yoga is inseparable from life for an instructor who, through her Dharma Project, aims to bridge yoga’s economic and social divisions. Read more »

Interview: Padmini Kolhapure on her super star days, and more

AN INTERVIEW WITH PADMINI KOLHAPURE: The Bollywood actress, a superstar of yesteryear, whose role in the hit Prem Rog made her famous in the ’80s, is back—now as a stage actress. Read more »

Donald Trump is our President. How did this Happen?

Who elected Trump? RWGs, Regular White Guys. Like an Indian caste, they have certain values and beliefs that connect the RWG subcastes. But with our diversity, I am still confident in the USA. Read more »

Why What Happens to IACA Matters to the Community at Large

IACA (India American Cultural Association) was the first Indian organization in Atlanta, and represented the Indian community. Now it is in trouble. Losing it would be a huge loss for the community. Read more »

Letters from Readers

Sad spectacle of infighting not surprising (3 letters about the editorial on IACA's problems) / A little girl in Kashmir / Bollywood should look at using comic book superheroes. Read more »

The Major 2018 Federal Tax Changes

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act made dramatic changes to federal tax law. It is worth reviewing some of these changes as 2019 approaches and households and businesses refine their income tax strategies. Read more »

Restrictive Covenants – Effective or Unenforceable?

Noncompete, nonsolicitation, and nondisclosure agreements (“restrictive covenants”) protect the business interests of the employer. Limiting time, scope, and coverage increases effectiveness. Read more »

Overcoming Metabolic Syndrome

South Asians are prone to a group of risk factors causing metabolic syndrome. Resistance training (or strength training) has been shown to offer protection. Read more »

Immigration News Briefs

Unlawful presence rules for students and visitors / Incorrectly dated green cards recalled / APPLICATION FINAL ACTION DATES—JUNE 2018 / DATES FOR FILING VISA APPLICATIONS—JUNE 2018 Read more »

Priyanka to star opposite Salman Khan in Bharat

The leading lady of Salman Khan’s new film Bharat will be Priyanka Chopra, who returns to Bollywood after two years. She was last seen in Jai Gangaajal, where she played a police officer. Read more »


Entrepreneurs Partha Raghunathan and Madhu Rajendran are supporting girls' education in India through their Dallas-based company Bloom & Give, which sells scarves, bags, and home items. Read more »

Ashish Bijlani’s startup OSSPolice wins $100k investment.

OSSPolice, cofounded by Ashish Bijlani and Ruian Duan, won gold and a $100K investment from TechSquare Labs’ incubator and seed fund. The OSSPolice service helps mobile app developers find violations. Read more »

Quiz, Screen Indians--looking back & looking ahead, the first Indian-American, car bumps, books

Quiz, Screen Indians then & now, the first Indian-American, car bumps, books: YA novel by Nisha Sharma, cookbook by Deepa Thomas, middle-school story by Atlanta's Aisha Saeed, Vivek Wadhwa’s new book. Read more »

Talk Time: Reel Stories on Marriage Matters

Smriti Mundhra’s latest film, A Suitable Girl, co-directed with Sarita Khurana, focuses on Indian young women struggling to maintain identities and follow dreams amid intense pressure to get married. Read more »

How Meditation Can Save the Earth

Meditation can do wonders for an individual’s wellbeing, but can it save the planet? On Earth Day, Sadhguru explained: meditation provides experience that you are not separate from the Earth. Read more »






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