Perspectives on Partition

Perspectives on Partition

Perspectives on Partition, Part 1: An Unsung Hero, Allama Mashriqi’s Struggle against Partition by NASIM YOUSAF: The discourse on Indian independence and Partition has been dominated by the figures of Gandhi, Nehru, Jinnah, and Sardar Patel, to name a few. But others, like Allama Mashriqi, were engaged in the freedom struggle. He was fervently opposed to Partition, and foretold its devastating consequences. Khabar presents a perspective by Mashriqi’s grandson that spotlights Mashriqi’s attempts to avert the bloody division of India. Part 2: The Forces that Made Partition Inevitable by Dr. UMA MAJMUDAR: Towards the end of the British rule in India, confusion and communal passions were high. Amidst rioting and mass migrations, the ideal of a united India came apart. Dr. Majumdar considers Nasim Yousaf’s contention that Indian leaders failed to prevent Partition because of selfish agendas, or at least because of their lack of commitment to hold India as one nation. Read more »

Festivals: My Grandma’s Ganesha

My grandmother loved Ganesh Chaturthi. Why did she cry each year when it was time to part with this annually visiting God-guest? It didn’t help much that personally, I had decided to worship trees. Read more »

Mothering in the Age of AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has undeniably made huge contributions to human life. But how much, asks RANJANI RAO, is too much? Read more »

The Voice of a Generation

Lakshmi Shankar, who sang on the soundtrack of Richard Attenborough’s "Gandhi," performed multiple styles of Indian music and dance. She toured with George Harrison, and played a major role in bringing Indian music to the West. Read more »

India, in Your Face—in America

We live in an abundance of Indian influences: the “Indianization” in America is going strong. Now if only the Trump camp could see immigrants differently and get in step with the times! Read more »

Letters from Readers

PM Modi’s reelection deserves better coverage / “Hope conquers fear” for a positive life / What’s on YOUR mind? We’re always happy to entertain diverse viewpoints from readers. Read more »

How Medigap Choices Are Changing

Plan F is fading away, and Plan G may gain more popularity. Soon, two types of Medigap policies will no longer be sold. Seniors who enroll in Medicare in 2020 or later will be unable to buy Medigap Plan F or Plan C. Read more »

Is It Time to Use Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence (AI), defined by Merriam-Webster as “the capability of a machine to imitate intelligent human behavior,” is one of the fastest growing technologies being implemented by businesses today. Read more »

Health: Fad diets aren’t the solution— what’s better?

HOW TO BE SLIM AND TRIM THIS SUMMER: Faddish diets are not the solution for losing weight and staying fit, but there are other ways to do it. Why Keto, Paleo, and other fad diets are not magic pills. Read more »

Immigration News Briefs

July immigration raids: all bark and no bite / Digital Freedom of Information system expands / Visa retrogression may be temporary / August Visa Bulletin Dates Read more »

Deepika to play Ranveer’s wife on screen

Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone will soon be playing husband and wife in a film: she's playing Romi Bhatia, Kapil Dev’s wife in "83," the biopic being made on the legendary player. Read more »


The U.S. national women’s cricket team won a three-match series against Canada, thanks partly to a 14-year-old bowler of Indian descent. Lisa Ramjit's parents played in their native Guyana. Read more »

Jagruti Solanki is one of Atlanta Inno’s “50 on Fire”

Jagruti Solanki has had a year of awards: most recently she was one of three finalist trailblazers in the Crypto/Blockchain category at Atlanta Inno’s inaugural "50 on Fire" event. Read more »


Briefs / Books: mystery Smoke and Ashes; Unbecoming--a Memoir of Disobedience; Shubh Raatri Dost/Good Night Friend (ages 4-6); 2 YA fantasies: The Tiger at Midnight, Aru Shah and the Song of Death. Read more »

Trash Talk: How to Reduce Waste

Food waste is a colossal problem, and not just in this country. We discard a third of the food grown globally—an astonishing 1.3 billion tons every year. Read more »

Skeptics are True Seekers

Skepticism means you do not know. It is only true skeptics who turn spiritual, because they are looking for something. Joyfully be a skeptic, a spiritual seeker, and seek the truth. Read more »






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