Make Music, Not War

Make Music, Not War

In a world torn apart by violence, distrust, and prejudice, music is indeed the food of love. An American music teacher took 20 Pakistani students on a concert trip from Karachi to Mumbai. Was it possible? “Indians hate us. Indians are trying to steal Kashmir. Indians want to overthrow the government of Pakistan.” Then getting visas for 20 kids and struggling through immigration…but the idea that 5 schools from 5 countries could come together for music seemed like nirvana.
And after all, it worked: There was beauty and magic in the concert hall. The countries might hate each other, Taliban and Islamic State kill people, earthquakes, floods, and ridiculous politics create hardships--yet at that moment, music erased grief. Artistes can’t worry about politics. But politicians are failing at solving these problems, and are letting down the people who bring joy to a region badly in need of something to celebrate. Read more »

Commentary: Is There Hope for Universalism?

As a tumultuous year ends, maybe there’s a way for us to come together. Does universalism––a philosophy of shared ethical and religious concepts, tolerance, love, peace––hold the answer to mankind’s misery? Read more »

Eye on India: When Paper Money Becomes … Just Paper

WORTHLESS RUPEE NOTES: India’s recent demonetization drive to curb corruption—Modi’s surgical strike on Black Money—has caused chaos. Will the scheme work? Here’s a view from India. Read more »

TalkTime: A Champion for Immigrants

CHAMPIONING IMMIGRANTS: A chat with Tara Raghuveer, 26, Deputy Director of the National Partnership for New Immigrants, a nonprofit that’s been active in the bruising 2016 election. Read more »

Guest Editorial: A Message to Our Community

A little less Indian, a lot more American: Sikhs and Muslims have already found themselves on the firing line of bullying and hate crimes. We need to care about profiling and step outside our community. Read more »

Letters from Readers

What do you know about the other “Indians”? (about “The disappearance of America’s noble savages” / The 2016 election / Khabar Wishes our Readers and Advertisers a Very Happy & Successful 2017. Read more »

When Is Social Security Income Taxable?

When Is Social Security Income Taxable? The answer depends on your income. This article gives some background, describes applicable rules, and offers tips on a few things you can do. Read more »

It’s Time for That Annual Business Checkup – 2016 Edition

Keeping up with federal, state, and local developments that impact your business operations can be hard if not done regularly. The end of a fiscal and calendar year is an ideal time for review. Read more »

FitnessLifestyle: Giving Seniors a Leg Up

Maintaining strong legs becomes important as we age, because it improves the quality of life by making daily activities—climbing stairs, getting in/out of cars, even standing up—more manageable. Read more »

Immigration News Briefs

Immigration under a Trump Administration: what will it mean for deportation, for DACA, etc.? / USCIS Fees to Increase on December 23, 2016 / Visa Application Dates for December 2016 Read more »

Deepika going the Priyanka Chopra way

Deepika Padukone presented a trophy to Canadian artiste The Weeknd at the MTV European Music Awards. Some said she looked stunning, others said ‘worst dressed.’ BTW, she's auditioned for a movie. Read more »


Ajay Thakur's raiding skills helped India win the men’s kabaddi World Cup (standard style) again. India has now won all the standard style and circle style kabaddi World Cups. Read more »

Jaya Kamlani receives Mahatma Gandhi Pravasi Samman Award

Jaya Kamlani, author and poet, was presented the NRI Welfare Society of India's Mahatma Gandhi Pravasi Samman gold medal for Literature at the House of Lords in London on September 30, 2016. Read more »


As the year winds down, the holidays allow us to hit pause to relax, reflect, and remember. We offer an appreciation of some individuals who died in the first eleven months of 2016. Read more »

How Yoga Intrigued America in the 1920s

In the early 1900s, with few South Asians in the USA, America had fantastic ideas about yoga’s power and the itinerant men from India who taught it. Yoga even played a part in an impeachment! Read more »

The Privilege of Leadership

Usually, people understand leadership as a position of power. But leaders who are successful and loved live in continuous sacrifice--then your life and activity are no longer about yourself. Read more »






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