Who's Your Choice?

Who's Your Choice?

DESIS FOR DONALD TRUMP…and other trends of how Indian-Americans figure into the American presidential election campaign. While there’s predictable support for the Democrats, what’s astonishing is the enthusiasm some have for Trump, the Republican frontrunner. Khabar spoke to several Indian-Americans, including Narender Reddy, Harin Contractor, Dhruv Gupta, Dr. Sudhir Parikh, Sujata Massey, Indermohan Virk, and Raju Chinthala, among others, to seek answers to questions such as “Where are the Republican moderates?” and “What does our politically diverse immigrant community look like?” The very thought of supporting Donald Trump, the leading Republican presidential contender, horrifies many people, even in the GOP. And yet, Trump is far from friendless among Indian-Americans, though they continue to favor the Democrats in overwhelming numbers. Khabar brings representative Indian-American views—both expected and unexpected—from an unusual election season that’s also unsettling. Read more »

Musings: Returning to the Real India

A mother’s quest to show her American-born daughters the “real India”: but what exactly is the real India, regardless of where you were born, where you grew up, where you live? Is it a state of mind? Read more »

Fiction: "Courage"

“Now that’s a name I get,” she said. She puffed up her cheeks. My son giggled. He wrapped his mac-n-cheese fingers around her pinky....“At least, teach your son to stand up for himself.” Read more »

Americana: Archie Bunker, America's Lovable Racist

In the early days of television, citizens had civic responsibility. But Norman Lear popularized the loud-mouthed, domineering character, at the expense of thoughtful, meaningful dialogue. Read more »

A Political Party in Shambles

The GOP is a dysfunctional mess, hijacked by loudmouths and haters, with a potential nominee more like a roadside hooligan than a contestant for the most responsible political office in the world. Read more »

Letters from Readers

On the editorial addressing extremism across cultures, and providing a litmus test to help us judge if we are in that category (“ISIS, the American Right, and Hindutva,” December 2015). Read more »

Retirement Now vs. Retirement Then

Today’s retirees must be more self-reliant than their predecessors. Here are some pitfalls--but our retirement can be long and comfortable, especially if we use retirement planning as a valuable tool. Read more »

Intellectual Property: A Primer

Every business encounters intellectual property (IP) issues. These involve inventions, artistic works, symbols, names, and images that are protected by Patents, Trademarks, and Copyrights. Read more »

Why are you not losing weight?

Is this the year you really want the weight to come off? It’s hard to be objective, and habits are difficult to break, but change to these great new ones, and you'll never be overweight again! Read more »

Immigration News Briefs

DHS Issues Final Rule on STEM OPT / Update on DAPA & Expanded DACA / APPLICATION FINAL ACTION DATES FOR April 2016 / DATES FOR FILING VISA APPLICATIONS - April 2016 Read more »

Priyanka Chopra shines at the Oscars night

Priyanka Chopra shone in her debut Oscars outing, where she also presented an award. In a sheer white strapless gown, with pony tail and diamond accessories, she had a “classic and epic” look. Read more »


Quotes about honor killings, Donald Trump (pro/con), courage, false arrest, and inconsiderate security guards who make Sikhs remove turbans with no mirror to retie them. Read more »

Priyanka Desai is Gwinnett 2016 STAR Student

Priyanka Desai of Peachtree Ridge High School earned the title of top Gwinnett 2016 STAR Student. STARs from other schools: Berkmar’s Mohammad Awan, Brookwood’s Naisa Rahman, and Meadowcreek’s Plabani Sharif. Read more »

Quiz / Prize / Immigration / Burgers & Shakes /  HiTech /  Books

WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, & WHY / High-Value Prize for Low-Price Product / Surge in Immigration Fuels Debate / Burgers & Shakes with a Twist / Smart Canes to Smart Mining / Book Matters Read more »

Georgia Senator Richard B. Russell receives letter of support for naturalization of Indians

April 25, 1944–Joseph Fox, Sec-Treas of Cafeteria Employees Union, writes Georgia’s Senator Richard B. Russell, Chairman of Senate Committee on Immigration, supporting Indian naturalization. Read more »

Attend to the Violence Within

Our music, our dance, our culture, the very way we move and do things in our lives is becoming violent. We shouldn’t be surprised if it spills over onto the street once in a way. Read more »






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