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Africans in India: From Slaves to Sultans

Africans in India: From Slaves to Sultans

FROM LOWLY MIGRANTS TO MAHARAJAS “They have written a story unparalleled in the rest of the world, that of enslaved Africans attaining the pinnacle of military and political authority not only in a foreign country but also on another continent.” This is the fascinating 1000-year history of Africans who were brought in as slaves, or who came as merchants, but ended up having their own kingdoms in India.
With the recent spike in violence against African students in India, it is hard to imagine that Africans had a long, successful history in India. Few Indians are aware that Africans had thriving kingdoms there. Their descendants speak, dress, and think as Indians, yet are islands within the country—and although we say, Devo Bhava (“A guest is as God”), young African students in India have been subjected to beatings and mass attacks by violent mobs, e.g. hate crimes in Uttar Pradesh. Read more »

Happenings: At IIFA, Bollywood Takes a Bite of the Big Apple

IIFA 2017: THE SIZZLE, THE DAZZLE, AND THE LETDOWNS: The International Indian Film Academy bought Bollywood to New York for their 18th Awards extravaganza. Here’s our exclusive report on its highs and lows. Read more »

Indo-American Relations: Building The Ties That Bind

THE MODI-TRUMP “BROMANCE”: CAN THE TWO NATIONS CASH IN ON IT? From fighting terrorism to trade deficit, there are many bilateral issues. What did Modi’s recent U.S. visit achieve? Read more »

Movie Review: The Big Sick

Kumail Nanjiani and his wife wrote the screenplay for The Big Sick from their own romance. It releases this month to much acclaim. Interracial romance, parents object--and then there's a twist! Read more »

“What Part of ‘Illegal’ Don’t You Understand?”

We employed illegal immigrants for years, in construction, farming, hospitality, etc. We didn't stop the influx before these 'illegals' became entrenched into their American lives. Read more »

Letters from Readers

Letters from Readers: Incident at India-Pakistan Border: Colonial Mentality Continues / “Golden Songbirds…”: Incomplete without all the rasas / Love Melvin Durai’s Humor Read more »

Emotions Can Affect Money Decisions

Emotions can keep people from doing the right things with their money—or lead them to keep doing the wrong things. Impulsiveness, fear, nonchalance, and more can get in your way. Let logic rule. Read more »


How do you implement your great new idea if you need time, capital, and expertise? The answer may be a joint venture (JV) of two or more parties working together to implement the plan. Read more »

Ask the Doc: Is an Indian Vegetarian Diet Deficient in Protein?

Although the Indian vegetarian diet is lower in protein content than non-veg, a carefully planned vegetarian diet with milk products, nuts, beans, and lentils can provide the RDA of protein. Read more »

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for a green card after having a U visa? / I am 18 years old and eligible for a U visa. Can I sponsor parents, siblings? / Who can be an interpreter for a green card interview? Read more »

Salman Khan’s Eid party star-studded

At Salman Khan’s Eid party were his little costar in Tubelight, Matin Rey Tangu and his family. Surprise guests were Junaid and Ira Khan, Aamir Khan’s children, whose dad was away. Read more »


India’s Srikanth Kidambi won the Australian Open final in a stunning turnaround. A week before, he won another Superseries title, the Indonesian Open, beating the world's top-ranked player. Read more »

Three Indian-Americans among GAT’s “25 Most Influential Asian Americans in Georgia”

At the Georgia Asian Times gala, Dr. Rafi Ahmed, Rajan Vedak, and Ravi Chander were among the "25 Most Influential Asian Americans in Georgia.” Sudhir Agarwal accepted APAC's award. Read more »

Quiz, Aamir Khan in China, H-1B, Baahubali, Summer Reading

Quiz / India's Man in China / H-1B Drop for Indians / The Strong-Armed One / Books: A Rising Man, No One Can Pronounce My Name, Marriage of a Thousand Lies, The Color of Our Sky, The Windfall, Go Home. Read more »

Anti-Immigrant Sentiments 100 Years Ago and Now

America, land of immigrants, has often turned against immigrants: e.g. Japanese internment and Trump whipping up anti-Mexican sentiments. For Indians, it was the Immigration Act of 1917. Read more »

A Profound Sense of Life

As creation made you, you are a complete life. You don't need accessories to be complete. What people really suffer is that their consciousness, which should be limitless, is constrained. Read more »






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