Foot Soldiers in the War on Ebola

Foot Soldiers in the War on Ebola

INDIAN-AMERICANS IN THE FIGHT AGAINST EBOLA: As this viral epidemic spreads across West Africa creating ripples of fear and frustration around the world, we can also take quiet pride in the fact that many Indian-American healthcare professionals are at the forefront of the international response to this health crisis. Khabar spoke to several local physicians, epidemiologists, and public health professionals to better understand their role in what is the largest global response to the Ebola epidemic. Thanks to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Emory University Hospital, Atlanta is a global hub in the battle against Ebola. Controlling the epidemic is critical to preventing the spread of the disease outside West Africa. The epidemic rages on and the fight continues. In our hyperconnected world, viruses disdain man-made boundaries, but so do knowledge, wisdom, and compassion. If the work of the doctors profiled here is any indication, Ebola has a formidable enemy in relentless pursuit. Read more »

Faith: From Protestant Minister to Hindu Devotee

UNITED METHODIST MINISTER TURNED GANESH DEVOTEE: David Dillard-Wright, professor of philosophy and religion, and author of "At Ganapati’s Feet: Daily Life with the Elephant-Headed Deity." Read more »

Rekha Pallath’s "Nasha"

SOFTWARE ENGINEER, MOTHER … AND A SINGER IN DEMAND. Her suburban American life couldn’t hold back Rekha Pallath from being a playback singer for a Kannada film, or singing live with Bappi Lahiri. Read more »

The Death of American Exceptionalism

Will America be seen by historians as greedy, angering the world community, or as a land, founded on the idea of self-government, that became an inspiration for the oppressed? Read more »

Stop Being Indian-American!

An Indian-American response to Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal's statements: “I do not believe in hyphenated Americans.” And, “My dad and mom told my brother and me that we came to America to be Americans—not Indian-Americans.” And, “If we wanted to be Indians, we would have stayed in India.” Read more »

Letters from Readers

Prime Minister Modi will be pragmatic / Service to nation appreciated / Passport and visa services / Discrimination against African-Americans / Saying “illegal” is inaccurate / Accidental entrepreneurs & American dream Read more »

Changes in the Retirement Benefits Landscape

A rundown of the big and little alterations coming next year (2015). 2015 will bring COLAs, changes, & something new. Each year, the retirement benefits landscape looks a
little different. Read more »


Companies are embracing mobile innovation and taking an interest in what their consumers want. Trends are efficiency, accessibility, transparency, and social consciousness. Read more »

Hope, Health, and Happiness in 2015

New Year tips to help you make positive changes to your well-being and lifestyle: prioritize fitness, SMART goals, low glycemic foods, power-packed breakfast, self-discipline, and 'me' time. Read more »

FAQs on Obama’s Immigration Initiative

Questions about DAPA (Deferred Action for Parental Accountability), DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals), and USCIS New Website Problems. Also Visa Preference Numbers for January 2015. Read more »

MOVIE REVIEW: Happy New Year

Happy New Year is nothing new and the script is mediocre...but suspend your logic for three hours and you can enjoy visual opulence, earnest performances, and a few genuinely funny moments. Read more »


How much do you know about current events in India and the U.S.? Try this short quiz! Read more »

Sai Gourisankar receives Rhodes Scholarship

Sai P. Gourisankar of Atlanta is one of four Indian-Americans headed to Oxford, England, on a 2015 Rhodes Scholarship, one of the most distinguished graduate scholarships in the world. Read more »


As another year winds down, we pause, relax, and reflect—and remember. Khabar offers a selected roundup of Indians—from here and from India—and some Indophiles—who died in the 11 months of 2014, excluding December. Read more »

Ready-Made or Reddy-Made

My father is usually frugal but supports his “old friend” the tailor in India...? In balancing tradition and modernity, we must also balance the inner and outer worlds and values. Read more »

Allowing the Feminine to Flower

It is not about being physically male or female. The feminine is a certain quality, the masculine also. Only when these are in balance can a human being live a life of fulfillment. Read more »






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