Sadhu Vaswani Center: monthly schedule

Satsang=bhajans, then meditation
Dates: every Sunday, 4 pm

Children's classes (Gurukul)
Dates: Second and Fourth Sundays, 12:30 pm

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Art—whether it’s painting or sculpture, traditional or modern, Indian or fusion—should be viewed and relished. Here is a spotlight on an eclectic mix of dynamic visual artists, with sharply etched pen portraits and stunning images of their work. Some of these artists excel at traditional Indian art, and others are experimenting with fusion and contemporary art forms. There is an art professor and founder of an art gallery, Dinesh Sharma; a young modern artist starting out with art residency, Crystal Desai; an IT professional designated as an Associate Living Master of Art, Dr. Sivananda Nyayapathi; an art school graduate with a virtual gallery, Manty Dey; an architect with an in-house studio, Sharmila Roy; a sculptor of wooden furniture and murals, Sabiha Mujtaba; a painter with a gallery, Vinod Sharma; painter Malika Garrett and painter/photographer Suhas Sengupta; and a henna artist, Bijal Mody. Read more »

Interview: The Mistress of Stories

Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni gave the 2018 Sheth lecture at Emory University and spoke to Khabar about her books, readers, storytelling, films, immigration, assimilation, and the #MeToo movement. Read more »

Gay Rights: A Giant Leap for India

INDIA’S PROGRESS ON GAY RIGHTS: Vigorous grassroots activism (support organizations, parades, etc.) and an enlightened Supreme Court decriminalized homosexual activity in India. Read more »

Americana: Prisoner 21242: America’s Forgotten Freedom Riders

Inspired by Gandhi’s principle of nonviolent protest, these brave souls endured extreme violence as they protested segregation and demanded civil rights for African Americans. Read more »

Seeing Through the Empty Promises of Republican Sound Bites

The glamour of aligning with rich, white Americans is tempting when the GOP brands Democrats as the Party of minorities on welfare. Indians in the Republican camp don’t realize the con job. Read more »

Letters from Readers

Letters to the editor: LGBTQs can draw strength from Feroza’s story / Is white racism, insecurity responsible for Trumpism? / Teaching boys and men to behave appropriately / Prejudices & racism Read more »

Debunking Popular Retirement Myths

Generalizations about money and retirement linger. Some have been around for decades, and some new clichés have recently joined their ranks. Let’s examine a few. Read more »

Social Media Postings Can Be a Minefield

Social media can be a minefield. Here are examples of common ways that businesses can be blindsided by social media postings, along with some best practices on handling them. Read more »

Overcoming Metabolic Syndrome

South Asians are prone to a group of risk factors causing metabolic syndrome. Resistance training (or strength training) has been shown to offer protection. Read more »

New “Public Charge” Rule Announced

The Trump administration plans to prevent immigrants from securing lawful permanent residence and remaining with their families in the USA, if they used certain public benefits. Read more »

Ranbir celebrates birthday with his special ladies

On Ranbir Kapoor's birthday, his mother, girlfriend Alia Bhatt, and her mother were there--discussing the impending wedding date in 2020? Former girlfriend Deepika Padukone was at his pre-birthday bash. Read more »


At the Summer Youth Olympics in Argentina, Jeremy Lalrinnunga, a weightlifter from Mizoram, ended India’s gold medal drought. Shooter Manu Bhaker of Haryana became India’s first female gold medalist. Read more »

Georgia honors Dr. Indrakrishnan with state commendation

Georgia Governor Nathan Deal presented a state commendation to Dr. Indran B. Indrakrishnan for his work in the medical field, especially for improving the lives of many with colorectal cancer. Read more »


Quiz: WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, & WHY / BOOK MATTERS: One Part Woman. Gandhi: The Years That Changed the World, 1914-1948. The Complete Indian Instant Pot Cookbook. 4 children's books. Read more »

A Unifying Force

Suman Raghunathan, Exec. Dir. of SAALT, believes that all people, including immigrants, should be treated fairly and with dignity. She tells what we can do to help in this fraught moment. Read more »

The Fear of Missing Out

This excerpt from Sadhguru’s ‘Youth and Truth’ interaction at the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore (IIMB), addresses fear and then the idea of "missing out." Read more »






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