Kumbh Mela’s Sangam: A Confluence of Rivers, Rishis, and Rogues

Kumbh Mela’s Sangam: A Confluence of Rivers, Rishis, and Rogues

An Indian-American gets a once-in-a-lifetime chance to experience the Kumbh Mela, said to be the largest gathering of people anywhere. The author’s reflections provide a snapshot of a massive event.
Glimpses from the world’s largest mass pilgrimage, where mythology, faith, commerce, and mysticism come together seamlessly at the confluence of three sacred Indian rivers.
Pilgrims of all stripes routinely report of deeply moving, and even life-transforming experiences at the Kumbh Mela. Yet, for the foreigner or the uninitiated, the Kumbh, at least at face value, looks like a freak show—naga babas, quirky sadhus, bone-crushing crowds, hustlers and tricksters, and what not. Where is the spirituality in all that, some may wonder? Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev highlights the spiritual significance of what appears to be a surreal spectacle. Read more »

Nostalgia: The Britcom Remedy

BRITCOMS: LAUGHTER AND NOSTALGIA. An ode to cherished family rituals from the author’s childhood in India. These TV shows ended up being a source of comfort in her student days in the USA. Read more »

Travel: The Age-Old Circle of Life in the Jungle

NATURE’S GLORIES AT RANTHAMBORE NATIONAL PARK. A big cat closing in on its prey is just one of the many awe-inspiring moments awaiting the patient visitor. A visitor muses on the rhythms of nature. Read more »

IndiaScope: Reflections on Indian Democracy

How does the average Indian see their nation’s long engagement with democracy? What does living in a democracy mean? Is it something sacred, worth fighting for? Do Indians love democracy? Read more »

India, in Your Face—in America

We live in an abundance of Indian influences: the “Indianization” in America is going strong. Now if only the Trump camp could see immigrants differently and get in step with the times! Read more »

Letters from Readers

Thank you for the column "Americana" by Bill Fitzpatrick / Inspiring insights on the art of happiness / Navya’s zeal for writing is commendable / Interested in writing for Khabar? Read more »

Countdown to College

For many people, college sets the stage for life. Work with your children to make goals and develop habits. Staying focused and tackling a few milestones along the way will help ensure their success. Read more »

An Update on Background Checks

Background checks are routinely used to help companies in their hiring decisions. However, governments now legislate when checks may be run and how they may be used. Read more »

Health: Are Wellness Fads Stressing You Out?

ARE WELLNESS FADS STRESSING YOU OUT? Choose simplicity: a nutrient-rich, planned diet, mindful eating, and an enjoyable fitness routine are the simple secrets of wellness and weight control. Read more »

Immigration News Briefs

Revision for Change of Status/Dependent Applications / Online Status Feature for Some Asylum Applicants / APPLICATION FINAL ACTION DATES and DATES FOR FILING VISA APPLICATIONS—MARCH 2019 Read more »

Salman to play detective in remake of Korean film?

Salman Khan may play a detective in a Hindi remake; before that, he will be seen in Bharat, in the news because Priyanka Chopra walked out of it. It now stars Katrina Kaif in place of Priyanka. Read more »


Ten-year-old Abhinav Shaw of West Bengal and his partner, 19-year-old Mehuli Ghosh, won the gold medal in the 10-meter air rifle team event. He's the youngest gold medalist in the Khelo Games. Read more »

Three more Emory Entrepreneur awardees

Four Indian-Americans were among eleven 2018 Emory Entrepreneur Awardees, each a founder of a rapidly growing organization: Vivek Garipalli, Rohit Malhotra, Ashish Mistry, and Kanchana Raman. Read more »

Who What Where When Why, Tots TV, Exotic Drinks, Books

Briefs / TV FOR TOTS / EXOTIC DRINKS / BOOK MATTERS: Democracy on the Road, The Object of Your Affections, Asha & the Spirit Bird, Into the Jungle, The Yellow Suitcase, Little Owl's Snow Read more »

Basking in the Blue Glow

Mas Subramanian, a chemistry professor at Oregon State University, developed a vibrant, nontoxic, new blue pigment called YInMn Blue, which has generated wide excitement. Read more »

Still Is For Always

All that moves will come to a stop, but that which is still is for always. Meditation is a method to move towards stillness. If you do not know how to be still, you can only be ill. Read more »






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