More Than a Billion Hopes: Will India’s promise of growth and development be delivered or derailed?

More Than a Billion Hopes: Will India’s promise of growth and development be delivered or derailed?

TREVOR WILLIAMS, editor of Global Atlanta, is one of Atlanta’s leading journalists on global business. His commentary and reporting in this article highlights how the nation is at an important juncture in history, facing the proverbial fork in the road…INDIA’S ECONOMY: A FORK IN THE ROAD: On a 2012 reporting assignment to India, Trevor Williams met with industry leaders, visited factories, sipped tea at roadside stalls, and took in the countryside. In Atlanta, he has interviewed the area experts and major visitors, such as leading diplomat Vikas Swarup, Consul General Nagesh Singh, Professors Jagdish Sheth and Jeffrey Rosensweig, and Alyssa Ayres, senior fellow for India, Pakistan, and South Asia at the Council on Foreign Relations. This feature-report, based on his continued interest in India as a leading local journalist on global business, as well as his ongoing interviews with experts, provides a balanced assessment of India’s economic prospects. Read more »

Identity: Indian Mom, American Dad—Who Am I?

Race, ethnicity, color, culture — negotiating these ‘identity markers’ can be a trying experience, as this young woman expresses in a frank exploration of growing up biracial in America. Read more »

People: Tech Powerhouse Padmasree Warrior Is Building a “Supercar”

Silicon Valley innovator Padmasree Warrior is joining the global race to develop electric cars. A technology influencer, her whopping 1.63 million Twitter followers include President Obama. Read more »

Youth: Four Grandparents, Many Bedtime Stories, and a Lifetime of Memories and Lessons

Oopati, my paternal grandmother, told me stories as mesmerizing and peaceful as Anathatha’s were enlivening. At my grandfather’s suggestion, I kept a journal and began to tell my own stories. Read more »

Of Apple Pie and Curry

Who is more hardworking, the American or the Indian?...Confused? That’s the thing about stereotypes: they are inherently contextual, often contrasting, and rarely conclusive--shapeshifters! Read more »

Letters from Readers

On the editorial addressing extremism across cultures, and providing a litmus test to help us judge if we are in that category (“ISIS, the American Right, and Hindutva,” December 2015). Read more »

Planning to Purchase or Refinance Your Home?

Make sure you understand the “Know Before You Owe” (TRID) initiative. The new rules simplify mortgage shopping. Whether you are buying or selling, talk to your realtor and mortgage lender about them. Read more »

Checklist for a New Business

Opening a business certainly requires perseverance and hard work, but that may not be enough. Preliminary due diligence and groundwork can help ensure long term success of a new business. Read more »

Diabetic Eye Disease

Diabetes is a major cause of blindness among South Asians. Every diabetic patient should have an anual eye exam to watch for diabetic retinopathy, macular edema, and cataract formation. Read more »

Immigration News Briefs

10,000 U Visas Approved for 7th Straight Fiscal Year / Fee Increase Implemented in H-1B and L-1 Petitions / Workload Transfer to the California and Nebraska Centers / Visa Preference Numbers Read more »

Sadhana is no more

Popular yesteryears actress and fashion icon of the 60s, Sadhana passed away in Mumbai on December 25, losing her battle to cancer of the bone marrow. She was 74. The Sadhana cut was a fringe (bangs). Read more »


Baichung Bhutia and Sunil Chhetri have starred on the Indian soccer team and played briefly for professional teams in the UK and US, respectively; 18-year-old Lallianzuala Chhangte is on their heels. Read more »

Two Atlantans finalists for Townsend Prize for Fiction

Soniah Kamal and Reetika Khanna Nijhawan have been chosen to be among the ten finalists for the Townsend Prize for Fiction for An Isolated Incident, and Kismetwali and Other Stories, respectively. Read more »


WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, & WHY / Watching shows online only / Are Indian immigrants less stressed? / Book matters for kids / MASALA (Mediators of Atherosclerosis in South Asians Living in America) Read more »

Martin Luther King, Jr. in Delhi, India

February 10, 1959: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and his wife, Coretta Scott King, arrive in Delhi. The trip was a pilgrimage for King who was greatly influenced by Mahatma Gandhi. Read more »

Is your child ‘normal’?

Because we are trying to put all children into one slot, some look abnormal. If you make a child feel ashamed of what he is not able to see, he may never speak about what he is able to see. Read more »






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