Law & Ardor

Law & Ardor

THE “SHERIFF OF WALL STREET” TALKS TO KHABAR: As the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York, Preet Bharara is in charge of two boroughs—Manhattan and the Bronx—and six neighboring counties. In a wide-ranging interview, Bharara talks about high-profile cases and controversies, including the infamous one involving Devyani Khobragade that soured relations between the U.S. and India. Whether it’s financial fraud, terrorism, narcotics, Mafia, corruption, or other criminal activity, he’s had a string of victories over five years, including an astonishing 85-1 tally on Wall Street—a record for Wall Street prosecutions. He nabbed the likes of Raj Rajaratnam, Rajat Gupta, Dinesh D’Souza, and Mathew Martoma, just to mention South Asians. “I hope people appreciate that I continue in the tradition of this office, not being afraid of anybody no matter how big they are and how much money they have and how connected they are.” Read more »

Entertainment: The Jihadist of Irony

NO LAND’S FUNNYMAN: Aasif Mandvi, the satirical “Senior Muslim Correspondent” on The Daily Show, whose new book is about being the quintessential immigrant—belonging nowhere and everywhere. Read more »

Scenes from Ruskin Bond’s Life

The other famous Bond: not licensed to kill, Anglo-Indian Ruskin Bond has been thrilling readers in the subcontinent for decades. A visit to his hill station home in Mussoorie, North India. Read more »

Arts: “There’s great profundity in the classical arts”

PADMASHREE-AWARDED BHARATNATYAM DANCER MALAVIKA SARUKKAI shares insights on her art form with Shemoni Parekh, artistic director of Kruti Dance Academy. Read more »

“Illegal” or “Undocumented”?

The presence of undocumented Indians in the U.S. in large numbers is a relatively recent phenomenon. Is it appropriate, or dehumanizing and counterproductive, to refer to them as "illegal"? Read more »

Letters from Readers

Prime Minister Modi will be pragmatic / Service to nation appreciated / Passport and visa services / Discrimination against African-Americans / Saying “illegal” is inaccurate / Accidental entrepreneurs & American dream Read more »

Economic Forecaster Expects More of the Same in 2015

Second and third quarter GDP growth has led to optimism, but Rajeev Dhawan of the Economic Forecasting Center at GSU's J. Mack Robinson College of Business is expecting much of the same until 2016. Read more »

Debt and Bankruptcy

Business owners should have a working knowledge of the topics of debt and bankruptcy, primarily to avoid an inadvertent use of personal funds that would otherwise have bankruptcy protection. Read more »

Acid Reflux: Why You Should Not Ignore It

Acid reflux can be called indigestion, heartburn, or sour stomach. It has a high prevalence in the Indian population: up to 20% of the Indian population experiences heartburn symptoms per year. Read more »

Obama Moves Forward with Sweeping Immigration Reform

On November 20, 2014, President Obama unveiled his Executive Action for Immigration Reform, which will affect millions of illegal and legal immigrants. Also Business immigration, Visa modernization. Read more »

Hrithik, Suzanne are officially divorced

Estranged couple Hrithik Roshan and Suzanne Khan officially ended their 14-year marriage by mutual consent on November 1. They are now divorced, with joint custody of their two sons. Read more »

Good Sports: ACTION HERO

Deepika Kurup, 16, of New Hampshire, won first place in Action For Nature’s 2014 International Young Eco-Hero Awards. She developed a solar-powered water purification system. Read more »

Dr. Veena N. Rao is featured on website of National Cancer Institute

Dr. Veena N. Rao's research on breast cancer in African-American women is featured on the National Cancer Institute CRCHD (Center to Reduce Cancer Health Disparities) Spotlight webpage. Read more »


As another year winds down, we pause, relax, and reflect—and remember. Khabar offers a selected roundup of Indians—from here and from India—and some Indophiles—who died in the 11 months of 2014, excluding December. Read more »

Ants in My Pantry, Ahimsa in My Heart

My Appa is the most peace-loving person I know, against violence of any kind—but when he sees ants in the kitchen, he goes on the warpath. Wouldn’t Gandhi say that's a bit hypocritical? Read more »

A Home for Growth

What makes an ashram an ashram is that everyone is here because they want to be here—they are not trapped here. You need to create such a situation in your home, too. Be a volunteer there, too. Read more »






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