Beyond Modi-son Square Garden

Beyond Modi-son Square Garden

BEYOND MODI-SON SQUARE GARDEN: Welcome to the largest ever public reception for any foreign leader in America! Here’s an eyewitness account of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s historic appearance and speech at New York City’s iconic arena, and what went into organizing such a large event within just over two months. It was a full scale Indian invasion of midtown Manhattan, Indians everywhere, with the sort of fanfare normally reserved for showbiz personalities. Both Indian and American cultures were represented in a range of entertainment items. The crux of Modi’s Hindi speech is encapsulated here as well as viewpoints of dissenters.
Will the PM live up to these huge expectations? Dr. Maya Chadda of the Council on Foreign Relations gave an interview, stating that “The members of the Council on Foreign Relations were impressed by … his confidence…, his sense of representing a great nation, … but most regretted that the speech lacked substance.” Read more »

Adventure: Horn OK Please

AROUND INDIA IN THE WORLD’S CHEAPEST CAR: A cross-country road trip in India is adventure enough. When it is done by a white woman… alone… in a Tata Nano—it makes for some amazing stories. Read more »

Books: An Accomplished Unveiling of India

“ONE OF THE FINEST ART BOOKS ABOUT A WORLD CULTURE”: The significantly overhauled and updated sixth edition of Robert Arnett’s India Unveiled remains a testament to his labor of love. Read more »

Americana: Thanksgiving: Busting Myths

The Pilgrims did not land anywhere near Plymouth Rock. Even more shocking may be the fact that two presidents were more responsible for "Thanksgiving" than were the Pilgrims and the Indians. Read more »

Shapeshifter PM: Who’s the Real Modi?

India’s charismatic new Prime Minister is seen in strikingly opposite images. Is he the greatest threat to India’s secular and progressive values, or the best thing to happen since Independence? Read more »

Letters from Readers

Letters from readers: An immigrant’s call to service / The past will always shore us up / Why not burn old temple calendars? / Understanding begins when stereotyping ends Read more »

10 Things About Obamacare in Georgia

If you don’t have health insurance or if your insurance company requires you to change plans, here are some key items to be aware of during open enrollment (from 11/15/14 - 2/15/15). Read more »

Debt and Bankruptcy

Business owners should have a working knowledge of the topics of debt and bankruptcy, primarily to avoid an inadvertent use of personal funds that would otherwise have bankruptcy protection. Read more »

Managing Diabetes with Exercise

November is Diabetes Month. Nearly 30 million Americans have diabetes; another 86 million have prediabetes. Here are basic strength training exercises that help in managing diabetes. Read more »

Immigration News Briefs

Obama delays executive action / EB2 India retrogression / Duplicate biometrics notices confuse applicants / E-Verify service for employees / VISA PREFERENCE NUMBERS FOR NOVEMBER 2014 Read more »

Sidharth Malhotra dating Brazilian model

Izabelle Leite, a pretty Brazilian model who is trying her luck in Hindi films, has been seen in films like Purani Jeans and Luv U Soniyo, and now in nightclubs with Sidharth Malhotra. Read more »

Good Sports: Hockey Hope

The Indian hockey team won a gold medal at the Asian Games and qualified automatically for the 2016 Rio Olympics. India beat defending champion Pakistan 4-2 after the teams were tied 1-1. Read more »

Nazeera Dawood’s leadership brings $9 million to Fulton County

October 1, 2014 was “Nazeera Dawood Appreciation Day” as Dawood's quiet but powerful leadership played a major role in bringing $9 million to Fulton County for health promotion. Read more »

Tidbit from 2014: keeping track of beauty pageants

There is still an Indian contestant in the beauty pageant news this year: Gail Nicole Da Silva, a Goan, took the second spot in a pageant called Miss United Continent. Read more »

Tale of Two Worlds: Urban and Village India

If mindless consumption is not to become the way of life, then an intelligent path must be forged where India lives in seven hundred thousand “smart villages” rather than in 100 smart cities. Read more »

Contentment is Containment

In lethargy (tamas) there is no life. If you become pure life, it is beautiful. Not enslaved to anything, insecure, or fearful, but joyful. Not scared of life, not contented, but greedy for the infinite. Read more »






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