More than a tussle between bat and ball, cricket in India is a national passion, a stimulus to the economy, a tool for India-Pakistan diplomacy, and even a religion where the gods of cricket are worshiped in shrines. Let’s have a look, going into this month of ICC Cricket World Cup in England. The game plays out daily in a million settings, with real gear or make believe pads of cardboard. Even communal unrest and the prospect of riots cannot curb the enthusiasm for cricket in India: kids play in Srinagar with police gear as stumps and the policeman doubling as wicketkeeper! Here are stats on the financial powerhouse of cricket, as well as what the demigods of cricket earn from product endorsements. The Indian Premier League (IPL) is a game changer: big money and “cricketainment.” India is currently one of the top ranked teams in all three formats of the game: Test, ODIs, and T20. Read more »

Book Review: Spelling S-U-C-C-E-S-S: Deliberate Practice, Growth Mindset, and True Grit

Indian-American kids have been dominating the esteemed Scripps National Spelling Bee. ANTHROPOLOGIST SHALINI SHANKAR talks about SPELLING BEE WINNERS in her new book "Beeline." Read more »

Travel: Canada's Hidden Gems

The border between the United States and Canada stretches 5,525 miles, the longest border separating two nations. The Great White North seems familiar, but here are some special destinations. Read more »

Journeys: An Uncharted Path to the American Dream

Parents, professionals or not, feel that children must follow a certain path: a college degree, followed by a well-paying job. But second-gen immigrants often prefer unconventional career paths. Read more »

India, in Your Face—in America

We live in an abundance of Indian influences: the “Indianization” in America is going strong. Now if only the Trump camp could see immigrants differently and get in step with the times! Read more »

Letters from Readers

More Thoughts on the Kumbh Mela, by Bhagirath Majmudar, MD: looking at the composition of the water in the rivers and in ourselves, at the absence of epidemics at the Kumbh, and more. Read more »

Wealth Management with Memory Disorders

Besides impacting lives and relationships, dementia can also impact family finances. A family member may have to manage money for a relative. Financial exploitation must be guarded against. Read more »

A Culture of Compliance

Compliance may be seen as a vague area with negative connotations. It's worth paying attention to, however, both to avoid risks and to reap the positive benefits of a culture of compliance. Read more »

Health: Are Wellness Fads Stressing You Out?

ARE WELLNESS FADS STRESSING YOU OUT? Choose simplicity: a nutrient-rich, planned diet, mindful eating, and an enjoyable fitness routine are the simple secrets of wellness and weight control. Read more »

Immigration News Briefs

Federal Judge Blocks ‘Unlawful Presence’ Policy / Involvement with Marijuana Can Have Immigration Consequences / Nearly 100 Charged in Marriage Fraud Scheme / June Visa Bulletin Dates Read more »

Salman, Deepika might share screen space at last

Salman Khan and Deepika Padukone may finally share screen space in the sequel to Kick. And Dips also attended the glamorous Met gala, in a pink ball gown, with Barbie-like puffy hair. Read more »


P. U. Chitra of Kerala won the 1,500-meter race at the Asian Athletics Championships, against Ethiopian and Kenyan runners, defending the gold medal she had won in India two years earlier. Read more »

Reshma Shah Receives the Emory Williams Distinguished Undergraduate Teaching Award

Reshma H. Shah, Assoc. Professor in the Practice of Marketing at Emory University’s Goizueta Business School, has recieved a 2019 Emory Williams Distinguished Undergraduate Teaching Award. Read more »


Briefs / Books: This Land Is Our Land; The Patient Assassin (Jallianwala Bagh); Good Talk (multiracial families); Pride, Prejudice, & Other Flavors (gender twist); There’s Something About Sweetie (YA). Read more »

Storytelling Duo

A LITERARY PRESS FOR ALL INDIANS: Two writers, on opposite sides of the world, launched Story Artisan Press to publish underrepresented voices and erase artificial barriers with their e-books. Read more »

How to Deal with Friction in Life?

Inner Engineering means just this: you can sit without any friction. Then outside friction will also go down. You must understand, your friction is just you. Talk less. Bow down. Learn tact. Read more »






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