Hindu Temple of Atlanta: October events

10/20 - Pradosham - Siva & Nandi Abhishekam - 6:30 pm
10/22 - Masa SivaRatri - Rudrabhishekam - 10 am & NARAKA CHATRUDASI

Ambaji USA - Shree Shakti Mandir: October events

Dhanteras, 10:35am - 2:59am. Please see flyer.

Swaminarayan Gadhpurdaham: October events

Oct 21 – Dhanteras & Lakshmi Puja – 5pm;
Oct 22 – Kalichaudas – 5:30pm;
Oct 23 – Divali – 6:30pm;

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The Do-Gooders’ Billion Dollar Club

The Do-Gooders’ Billion Dollar Club

CELEBRITIES AND GLAMOUR—IN THE SERVICE OF PHILANTHROPY. Who says charitable causes have to be Spartan and boring? Fabulous locations; iconic keynote speakers; high-profile guests; fancy silent auctions; and cuisine from celebrated chefs—that’s life in the gala fundraiser circuit in the U.S.—where you can actually feel good about social climbing and celebrity chasing. These are just some of the hallmarks of the charitable galas many charities are increasingly adopting, capitalizing on the affluence of the Indian-American community as a means to give back to society, especially to underprivileged communities in India and the USA. You could call these initiatives the Do-Gooders’ Billion Dollar Club. Here’s an up-close look at how the rich and famous are banding together for the benefit of the poor and afflicted, and a look at American India Foundation (AIF), Pratham, Akshaya Patra Foundation, Share and Care, Children’s Hope India, and more. Read more »

Sex is Not an Apple, but a Rose with Many Petals

A rejoinder to “Sex and the Nation” (August 2014) on the book The Kama Sutra Diaries questions the merit of focusing narrowly on a multifaceted issue, and sheds further light on the topic. Read more »

Interview: Poet and Pioneer

Vijay Seshadri, the first Asian American to win the Pulitzer Prize for poetry, talks with Khabar during the Decatur Book Festival about going from fishing and logging into writing. Read more »

Americana: Bad Sports

Aggressive competition is ruining good old playtime. Might it be healthier if we wrest the game away from ESPN and big business, and return it to the kids and local playgrounds? Read more »

Racism and South Asians

HOW DOES RACISM AFFECT SOUTH ASIANS? An editorial perspective on the actions and attitudes that can help us navigate an America which appears far from post-racial. Read more »

Indian Railways can be more helpful to foreign travelers

How can we buy Indian Railways tickets online, with a credit card from a U.S. bank? Plane, yes--train, no? This could significantly help tourism in India. Read more »

Medicare Enrollment Options for 2014-15

Key Medicare enrollment periods are approaching. This fall and winter, there are three periods in which Medicare beneficiaries can either enroll or disenroll in forms of coverage. Read more »

New Service for Old Customers

Most companies make an effort to get new customers, but many forget that 80% of their business probably comes from 20% of their customers. Building client loyalty should be a major focus. Read more »

October is Breast Cancer Month

Despite the government and nonprofits providing free screenings, almost half the eligible people don't take advantage of these great opportunities. Here are good tips to avoid breast cancer. Read more »

English-language requirement, Executive action, and EB2

When can those who are elderly and cannot speak English well take the naturalization test without the English requirement? / Assuring passage of executive action in 2014 / EB2: High demand. Read more »


Priyanka Chopra rises to the challenge of portraying the boxing legend, her face a lethal combination of rage and vulnerability. Watch it as a good story of a woman’s grit and passion. Read more »

Good Sports: Fan of the Turbin

A Sikh man wearing a green turban got attention and good-natured laughs when he attended the Seattle Seahawks’ opening game wearing a team jersey with the player name “Turbin” at the back. Read more »

Five “Southern Region Hot List” Attorneys: Geetha Adinata

Geetha Adinata's accomplishments earned her a listing in Lawyers of Color "Hot List." She is a daughter of immigrants, a cancer survivor, and an inspiration in her work ethics and methods. Read more »

Tidbit from 2014: smart shoes

Walkers and joggers can order a pair of smart shoes from India. Called Lechal (translation: take me along) and described as the world’s first haptic footwear, the shoes do more than walk. Read more »

Uniforms: Anti-choice or  Unifying?

My cousin-sister in India actually wears standardized clothing in college. This really blows my mind! College uniforms? Do you agree that uniforms are anti-choice, and thus a bad idea? Read more »

De-linking Religion and Politics

May all of us have the necessary sense and wisdom to prevent this beautiful, vibrant, and all accepting culture of ours from mayhem caused by religious bigotry and conflict. Read more »






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