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Get Into the Holiday Spirit(s)!

Get Into the Holiday Spirit(s)!

Give your favorite festive foods an extra oomph by pairing them with complementary wines, beers and liquors. Read more »

Arts: Ghoomar: Colorful Pinwheels of Joy

This dance form’s trance-like enchantment is a doorway to celestial realms. Read more »

Books: Manto, the King of Kahani

Few fiction writers have captured the trauma of India’s partition as powerfully as Saadat Hasan Manto, called “the undisputed master of the modern Indian short story” by Salman Rushdie. The Dog of Tithwal is a notable and wide-ranging collection of Manto’s stories. Read more »

Monsoon of Memories: The curious case of the doorbell

My love-hate relationship with the daily gongs that started early in the morning and punctuated the day till nightfall. One never knew what each new ring meant. Read more »

Entertainment : The New Bollywood: Nepotism No Longer Works

There was a time when one had to know someone in the industry to break in. Meanwhile, star kids sailed on the stardom of their glamorous parents. As Bollywood continues to transform, plot lines—both onscreen and off—are changing. Read more »

Music: Keeping Alive the Legend of Mohammed Rafi

This genial scion of Rafi Saab sat down for an endearing chat with AJAY VISHWANATHAN to share little-known facts and facets about his illustrious granddad and his music. Read more »

Flash Fiction: A Rather Serious Matter

A physician in a bind at a Mumbai hospital is pleased with the conversation he has with an influential local politician. But will things go according to plan? Read more »

Screen Time: Disney’s Spin on Indian-Americans

Our inaugural column talks about how the Disney Channel is breaking new ground with Spin. The show normalizes Indian-Americans, portraying them as mainstream characters rather than as stereotypical caricatures. Read more »

Perspective: Pluralism is in very nature of India; BJP is challenging it

A state of society in which members of diverse ethnic, racial, religious, or social groups maintain and develop their traditional culture or special interest within the confines of a common civilization. Read more »

My Immigrant Journey of Thirty-Five Years

Coming to America as a new immigrant might be only a slightly exciting experience for most of Indians. Not so when I came. Stepping out of the plane into the Atlanta airport in 1986 was a surreal experience. Read more »

Professor of Prose and Poetry

An interview with Aruni Kashyap, assistant professor of English at the University of Georgia, Athens, is a gifted writer and translator of India’s regional literature. Read more »

End-of-the-Year Money Moves

Here are some things you might consider before saying goodbye to 2021. Read more »

Here is Government’s Reward if You Kept Your Workforce in Place During the Pandemic

Many businesses have been adversely impacted by Covid-19. One lesser-known assistance
being provided by the federal government is a refundable payroll tax credit, commonly referred to as Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC or ERC). Read more »

Letters from Readers

Letters to the Editor: Very well written cover story on Satyajit Ray / Give credit to Bandopadhyay for Pather Panchali. Read more »

Immigration News Briefs

White House to lift travel restrictions/ New ICE priorities announced/ Application Final Action Dates for November 2021/ Dates for Filling Visa Applicatins - November 202​1. Read more »

Aryan Khan finds himself in troubled waters!

The 23-year-old son of Shah Rukh Khan has been languishing in jail since October 3. Read more »

Good Sports: Gupta Rises to Top NBA Post

Sachin Gupta became the first person of Indian origin to run an NBA franchise. Read more »

Mustafa Ajmeri awarded Global Community Oscar

Mustafa Ajmeri received an award that was established by the 7th Congressional District’s MEATF and AMEC. Read more »

Briefs/ In the News for Wrong Reasons/ Indian Inspiration for Composers/ Book Matters

Read our regular columns: ‘Who, What, Where, When & Why’ and ‘Book Matters’. Also: ‘In the News for Wrong Reasons' and 'Indian Inspiration for Composers'. Read more »

Health: Fad Diets Aren’t the Solution— What’s Better?

Why Keto, Paleo, and other fad diets are not magic pills. Read more »

How to Live a Life of Adventure

Sadhguru explains how the willingness to go through whatever it takes to stretch your perception and touch something beyond the limitations of what you are right now is the basis of adventure. Read more »






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