New York Indian Film Festival: Deadline for film submission

2/1: Deadline for submission of films.
5/3 to 5/9: Festival.

Shree Mandir: February events

2/1 to 2/7: Nectar of Bhagvatam (7-Day Lecture Series)

Hindu Temple of Atlanta: February events

Feb 2– Satyanarayana Puja -7:00 pm;
Feb 3– Thapusam; Please check times.

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“The business of our relationship has to be business”

“The business of our relationship has to be business”

It’s a mantra voiced by DR. SUBRAHMANYAM JAISHANKAR as India’s Ambassador to the U.S. and now India’s new foreign secretary. As one who came into office at the peak of the diplomatic sparring between the two nations over the infamous Devyani Khobragade case, Ambassador Jaishankar faced an uphill battle. Deftly, he has been able to steer the focus to more constructive issues—such as the fertile ground for bilateral trade that has been created thanks to the momentum of the relatively new Narendra Modi government. Some quotes from the ambassador’s wide ranging exclusive interview with Khabar: • “We … recognize that we are perceived as not being an easy place to do business and we need to change that perception. That perception must have some basis.”
• “…no country, least of all a developing country, opens itself up completely to foreign business.”
• “You can’t preach market access abroad and turn protectionist at home.”
He talks about rebalancing inequities, and India’s unprecedented opportunities. Read more »

SpotLight: Georgia Girl Is Reigning Miss India USA 2014

MEET THE ATLANTA BEAUTY WHO IS NOW MISS INDIA USA: Her striking looks and personality won Pranathy Gangaraju this coveted title; her drive may well make this film major a movie star. Read more »

Dispatches: Correspondents in Conflict Zones

Reporting on wars, disasters, and epidemics is not an obvious career choice for most Indians. So, what motivates Anjan Sundaram, Moni Basu, Anuj Chopra, and Prashant Rao, who do just that? Read more »

Books: No Country for Single Men

Sandip Roy’s novel and our interview with him are a treasure chest of themes: a sense of place; the uniquely Indian tendency of “adjusting”; suppressed desires; and shifting social mores. Read more »

Stop Being Indian-American!

An Indian-American response to Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal's statements: “I do not believe in hyphenated Americans.” And, “My dad and mom told my brother and me that we came to America to be Americans—not Indian-Americans.” And, “If we wanted to be Indians, we would have stayed in India.” Read more »

Letters from Readers

Prime Minister Modi will be pragmatic / Service to nation appreciated / Passport and visa services / Discrimination against African-Americans / Saying “illegal” is inaccurate / Accidental entrepreneurs & American dream Read more »

Why Financial Planning is Important

“Failing to plan is planning to fail.” To avoid becoming overwhelmed with financial planning, try taking it one step at a time, starting with the basics. Read more »

Social Media Tips for Small Businesses – Part 1

Small businesses can leverage social media to obtain, engage, and retain a customer audience. Here are tips on how to appeal to your market via social media. Read more »

America‘s obsession with pain pills is...PAINFUL

Q. Having heard so much about the abuse of pain killers, I am always unsure if it is okay to take them for routine aches and pains, and if so, which ones to take. A. Here are the dos and don'ts. Read more »

FAQs on Provisional Waiver, DAPA, and H1B Visas

Does a provisional waiver help family members of US citizens and LPRs who might be eligible for permanent status? Will DAPA recipients be eligible for public benefits? When do I prepare for H1B? Read more »

Star couples ring in New Year abroad

Star couples ushered in the New Year by heading abroad for the celebrations, some to London, the Maldives, New York, and Dubai. Switzerland and Melbourne, Australia were also sites. Read more »


Saina Nehwal, a top badminton player, was joined recently by Srikanth Kidambi, an Andhra Pradesh native who’s only 21. Both began 2015 ranked No. 4 in women’s and men’s singles respectively. Read more »

Sivananda Nyayapathi wins Portrait Society of America award

Atlanta’s Dr. Sivananda Nyayapathi won 4th place at the Portrait Society of America’s 2014 Members Only Annual Competition, among over 800 talented art works submitted from around the world. Read more »


Richard Verma, Dr. Vivek Murthy, Arun Majumdar / Radhika Nagpal's robots / OCI and PIO cards / migrants / groceries delivered / sculptor Anish Kapoor / Murty Classical Library / StoryTruck Read more »

Ready-Made or Reddy-Made

My father is usually frugal but supports his “old friend” the tailor in India...? In balancing tradition and modernity, we must also balance the inner and outer worlds and values. Read more »

Blissfulness beyond Bounds

It is very important that your body, mind, emotion, and energy are evenly cultivated. Only then you can be utterly blissful and still be perfectly efficient and capable in everything you are doing. Read more »






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