History’s Hideouts

History’s Hideouts

Caves can be dark, mysterious, even frightening. But surely, as windows to bygone eras, they are also thrilling. History meets myth and legend in these natural passages. To step into these amazing caves is to step back in time and rediscover India. Several writers and photographers take us on a tour in this article from India Perspectives, leading us from Maharashtra - HERITAGE IN ROCKS to Meghalaya - CAVERS’ PARADISE, Karnataka - JEWEL OF THE HILLS, Tamil Nadu - SILENT, YET ELOQUENT, Madhya Pradesh - A STONE AGE CANVAS, Odisha - FROM THE CITY OF JOY, and culminating in Andhra Pradesh - SPIRITUAL SOJOURN. The southern Indian state of Andhra Pradesh has an interesting case when it comes to caves. A few of its caverns are as long as those found in Meghalaya, a few as ancient as those in Madhya Pradesh, and a few as scenic as those in Karnataka. A marvelous tour! Read more »

Entrepreneurship: Life and Success Require Constant Reinvention

Are there any secrets to success in business? No. But certainly, as VIVEK WADHWA points out, there are attributes and strategies that can help you become an entrepreneur. Read more »

Katha Desi Fiction Contest Results

Results are in for the Katha Desi Fiction Contest 2014: winners are VIDYA PRADHAN, CA; RAVIBALA SHENOY, IL; RITU MARWAH, CA; ROSHANI CHOKSHI, GA; SUJATHA RAMPRASAD, CA Read more »

Americana: Fourth of July Shadows

Our summer markers of Memorial Day and 4th of July are a time to honor those who fought for our country. Perhaps no less deserving are those of us who fought a war of conscience. Read more »

Our Many Worlds!

How energizing it is that thanks to globalization, technology, and media, we can have in our daily lives so many diverse worlds that were unavailable to past generations. Read more »

Letters from Readers

Fall in step behind PM Modi / India will now assert itself in diplomacy / Modi not a chauvinist / Sadhguru’s parenting tips may benefit from elaboration. Read more »

Tax Scams & Schemes

Year after year, criminals try to scam taxpayers, and some taxpayers try to cheat the IRS. These cons occur year-round, not just during tax season. Here are the 12 biggest offenses. Read more »

Targeting the Silver Tsunami

Every day, 15,000 people turn 50 years old in the United States. Any business that is not catering to that market is ignoring a huge opportunity. Be considerate to these customers. Read more »

Is Sweat a Good Indicator of Fitness?

If you climb a flight of stairs and break out in a sweat, some might consider you unfit. Others believe that sweating is an indication of physical fitness. Here are some facts. Read more »

HB1 caps, I-130 petitions, resident cards

Questions about receipt notice for HB1 filing, maintaining status for I-130 petitions, divorce and resident cards, and validity period of Form I-693. Also visa preference numbers. Read more »

Rani’s day out with mom-in-law

Rani Mukherjee and her mother-in-law were at the launch of a new store on Rani's first public appearance after her marriage. She wore new bride vermilion in her hair and chooda. Read more »

Good Sports: Youngest to Climb Mt. Everest

Malavath Poorna, 13, whose parents are poor Dalit farmers in Andhra Pradesh, recently became the youngest girl to climb Mount Everest. It was her first attempt to climb any mountain. Read more »

Two U.S. presidential scholars from Georgia

Meghana R. Nallajerla, of Milton High School, Alpharetta, and Sathvik R. Namburar, of Woodward Academy, College Park, are Georgia’s two 2014 U.S. Presidential Scholars. Read more »


An Emory University study suggests that reading fiction can enhance the neural
connectivity in your brain. So here are a wide variety of new novels--from tsunamis to Wall Street. Read more »

Autistic Genius

Our seven-year-old can compute fantastic numbers in her head. She’s shy and doodles repetitive patterns, but must we put her in a category and force medicines upon her? Read more »

Mystics and Mistakes

Mystic or mistake? If your experience transcends the limitations of sense perception, you are a mystic. Otherwise, you are a mistake--not realizing the mistake is the biggest mistake. Read more »






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