Aussie- Indians: They’re All Over Down Under!

Aussie- Indians: They’re All Over Down Under!

They have a lot in common with Indian-Americans, and yet these two diaspora communities are also dissimilar in size, scope, and particularly the impact they have on their respective mainstream cultures. Chief amongst the common threads is the experience of being brown immigrants in a largely white mainstream. But compare 3 million Indians in America to about 400,000 of them in Australia. The resulting impact in and on the mainstream is naturally different. From the standpoint of size and impact in politics, culture, academia, and in commerce and corporations, the Indian diaspora in Australia can be considered yet young. From 7,000 Indians in the beginning of the 20th century, the community has reached today’s number of close to half a million. Melbourne and Sydney have emerged as their popular choices. The new Australia is a potpourri of cultures, and Aussie-Indians are prominent in this mélange. Here are some stories of Aussie-Indians. Read more »

People: The Write Stuff

Anjali Enjeti—essayist, book critic, activist, budding novelist—is a rising figure in the literary world. Anjali talks to Khabar about her journey from law to writing, and on art as resistance. Read more »

Enthusiasms: Auto at Your Service!

IS THERE ANYTHING LIKE AN AUTO? A warm-hearted paean to the common man or woman’s conveyance in India—the multi-tasking autorickshaw! Riding in one is the best way to take in a city’s sights and sounds. Read more »

Travel: Trekking in the Western Ghats

SEVEN TREKS IN INDIA’S WESTERN GHATS: With an average elevation of 4,000 feet, the Western Ghats form one of India’s hottest biodiversity regions. Both nature and culture will enchant you. Read more »

“What Part of ‘Illegal’ Don’t You Understand?”

We employed illegal immigrants for years, in construction, farming, hospitality, etc. We didn't stop the influx before these 'illegals' became entrenched into their American lives. Read more »

Letters from Readers

Winds of Disruption or Dysfunction? (re “The People and the Presidency,” March editorial) / The Trump and Modi Show (re Prof. Tinaz Pavri’s March cover story): Indo-American relations. Read more »

What Are Your Odds of Being Audited?

Your risk of being audited is low, unless you show the I.R.S. some conspicuous “red flags” on your return. Here are some tips. Read more »


A company often needs to know what the business is worth, e.g., when a company is considering an exit, bringing in an investor, or offering equity to its employees. Here is some guidance. Read more »

Ask the Doc: Is an Indian Vegetarian Diet Deficient in Protein?

Although the Indian vegetarian diet is lower in protein content than non-veg, a carefully planned vegetarian diet with milk products, nuts, beans, and lentils can provide the RDA of protein. Read more »

Immigration News Briefs: FAQs

The latest on DAPA (Deferred Action for Parents of Americans and Lawful Permanent Residents) / More on F1 change of status petitions: “bridge petition” / working while EAD renewal is pending Read more »

Aaradhya Bachchan steals the show at Cannes

This year Aishwarya Rai Bachchan's daughter Aaradhya was the highlight of the Cannes Film Festival! The cute five-year-old waved happily to shutterbugs and seemed to be totally at ease. Read more »


Yuvraj “Raj” Singh Dhesi, 30, from Calgary, Canada, who performs under the name Jinder Mahal, is the 50th WWE heavyweight champion, and the second of Indian descent. Read more »

School principal and teacher recognized

Dr. Ritu Ahuja of Northwood Elementary School has been named Principal of the Year in Gwinnett County. Aysha Farooqi has also been recognized, as Haynes Bridge Middle School’s Teacher of the Year. Read more »

Quiz, Aamir Khan in China, H-1B, Baahubali, Summer Reading

Quiz / India's Man in China / H-1B Drop for Indians / The Strong-Armed One / Books: A Rising Man, No One Can Pronounce My Name, Marriage of a Thousand Lies, The Color of Our Sky, The Windfall, Go Home. Read more »

How Yoga Intrigued America in the 1920s

In the early 1900s, with few South Asians in the USA, America had fantastic ideas about yoga’s power and the itinerant men from India who taught it. Yoga even played a part in an impeachment! Read more »

From Untruth to Truth

Sadhguru writes about Asatoma Sadgamaya, moving from untruth to truth. He says, “If you are not rooted within you, you will keep doing things that will ultimately work against you.” Read more »






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