• End-of-the-Year Money Moves

    End-of-the-Year Money Moves December 2019 - Here are some things you might consider before saying goodbye to 2019. Little year-end moves might help you with your taxes, improving your short-term and long-term financial situation.

  • Health Insurance Options for Georgia in 2020

    Health Insurance Options for Georgia in 2020 November 2019 - This is when people without group health benefits have to find the most affordable health insurance for next year. There's Medicare, Obamacare, alternatives, and short term medical.

  • Your Extended Care Strategy

    Your Extended Care Strategy October 2019 - Are you prepared for the possibility—and expense—of eldercare? Do you have an extra $33,000 to $100,000 to spare this year? How about next year, and the year after that? Probably not, so consider this.

  • A Retirement Fact Sheet

    A Retirement Fact Sheet September 2019 - Thinking about the “second act,” retirement? Does your vision of retirement align with the facts? Here are some noteworthy financial and lifestyle facts about life after 50 that might surprise you.

  • How Medigap Choices Are Changing

    How Medigap Choices Are Changing August 2019 - Plan F is fading away, and Plan G may gain more popularity. Soon, two types of Medigap policies will no longer be sold. Seniors who enroll in Medicare in 2020 or later will be unable to buy Medigap Plan F or Plan C.

  • Insurance When You’re Newly Married

    Insurance When You’re Newly Married July 2019 - Marriage changes insurance needs. Newly married couples should review their individual insurance and consider new coverage: auto, home, health, disability, life, liability, and extended care.

  • Wealth Management with Memory Disorders

    Wealth Management with Memory Disorders June 2019 - Besides impacting lives and relationships, dementia can also impact family finances. A family member may have to manage money for a relative. Financial exploitation must be guarded against.

  • Investing in Agreement with Your Beliefs

    Investing in Agreement with Your Beliefs May 2019 - The case for aligning your portfolio with your outlook and worldview. Do your investment choices reflect your outlook? Are they in agreement with your values?

  • Bad Money Habits to Break

    Bad Money Habits to Break April 2019 - Do bad money habits constrain your financial progress? Many people fall into the same financial behavior patterns, year after year. Now is as good a time as any to alter your behavior.

  • Countdown to College

    Countdown to College March 2019 - For many people, college sets the stage for life. Work with your children to make goals and develop habits. Staying focused and tackling a few milestones along the way will help ensure their success.






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