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  • When Home is Not a Safe Haven

    When Home is Not a Safe Haven January 2022 - Khabar explores the cultural context that makes domestic abuse possible in the community, along with the vulnerabilities that come with the challenges thrown in by the immigration laws and the legal system. Khabar also conducted a survey to see how well we understand abuse as a community.

  • Weekend Getaways

    Weekend Getaways December 2021 - There are few hassles, and you don’t have to spend much for a good time with family and friends. These six fun destinations are not far from Atlanta, and they all have a lot to offer for both day trippers and overnighters.

  • Get Into the Holiday Spirit(s)!

    Get Into the Holiday Spirit(s)! November 2021 - Give your favorite festive foods an extra oomph by pairing them with complementary wines, beers and liquors.

  • Of Magical Realism

    Of Magical Realism October 2021 - Atlantan Roshani Chokshi’s rise to national prominence as a leading author of fantasy fiction for young adults is as dreamy as her books such as the Aru Shah series, The Gilded Wolves, and others.

  • Satyajit Ray: An Auteur of the Highest Order

    Satyajit Ray: An Auteur of the Highest Order September 2021 - An Appreciation of Satyajit Ray's Visionary Cinema: Thanks to the streaming revolution, both newer generations and old-timers can explore the enduring works of an Indian master, whose birth centennial is being celebrated this year. This in-depth look, which is also a guide to Ray’s movies, is a homage to a renaissance man who continues to inspire and entertain film lovers.

  • Let’s Not Talk About DIVORCE!

    Let’s Not Talk About DIVORCE! August 2021 - Divorce: Past the Stigma—into Healthy Insights: We spoke with several individuals who offered to share their experience of having gone through divorce, and also with experts on the issue. The insights gleaned from these conversations are revealing and often surprising.

  • Desis in Distress

    Desis in Distress July 2021 - Cocooned in the bubble of having achieved our American Dream, many of us are unaware or unwilling to acknowledge fellow South Asians who don’t fit into the ‘Model Minority’ myth of success, and are falling through the cracks in the system. Fortunately, there is also a brigade of individuals and organizations that are revving up outreach efforts to struggling desis whose lives have been made worse by a still raging pandemic.

  • India's Covid Crisis

    India's Covid Crisis June 2021 - Covid Crisis Overwhelms India: Seven writers reflect eloquently on the biggest disaster to overtake India since independence. They grieve, reveal, analyze, rage, beseech—but they also affirm human decency and salute the selfless people who, in the face of state failure and heartbreaking tragedy, fight valiantly to alleviate suffering—and defeat Covid.

  • Stream On!

    Stream On! May 2021 - Streaming Trend Now A Tsunami: To the list of striking changes in our lives since the pre-Covid era, we can add streaming, which has transformed the way we consume films and shows. Given such a large South Asian audience, the streaming giants, sensing long-term opportunities, are pulling out all the stops in home entertainment. Here’s your comprehensive guide.

  • Cover Story: Southern Desi

    Cover Story: Southern Desi April 2021 - Author and Activist Speaks Out: Anjali Enjeti, in a wide-ranging interview with Khabar, shows how she’s making a difference as a thinker and doer. Touching on the themes covered in her debut essay collection, Southbound, and her debut novel, The Parted Earth, she talks about identity, belonging, family and the importance of political activism in our time.






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