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  • Cover Story: Southern Desi

    Cover Story: Southern Desi April 2021 - Author and Activist Speaks Out: Anjali Enjeti, in a wide-ranging interview with Khabar, shows how she’s making a difference as a thinker and doer. Touching on the themes covered in her debut essay collection, Southbound, and her debut novel, The Parted Earth, she talks about identity, belonging, family and the importance of political activism in our time.

  • Cover Story: Chef Explores the Regional Chaats of India Through Train Journeys

    Cover Story: Chef Explores the Regional Chaats  of India Through Train Journeys March 2021 - A CHAAT-worthy trip across India : Two celebrated chefs, Maneet Chauhan and Jody Eddy, traveled all over India by train—to explore regional chaats. On their many trips, they ate over 600 dishes. The resulting cookbook, named one of the best in 2020, is filled with insights and recipes, making it a mouthwatering ode to the country’s famous street food.

  • Love and Dating in The Age of Covid

    Love and Dating in The Age of Covid February 2021 - Due to the coronavirus rampaging its way across international borders since last year, social distancing and other restrictions have thrown a major wrench into the lives of people looking for love or planning a wedding. People have traded coffee dates for Google meetups, and wine-tasting for virtual game nights! We sat down—virtually, of course—with Indian-American singles and relationship experts for a perspective on how the pandemic has reshaped dating and relationships. Also on the table was a crucial question: How will Covid-19 affect The Big Fat Indian Wedding?

  • The Stories That Sustain Us: Past, Present, and Future

    The Stories That Sustain Us: Past, Present, and Future January 2021 - SHARING OLD STORIES IN NEW WAYS ; For many of us, India’s great oral tradition lived on through the tales our grandparents narrated when we were growing up. And now, in a wired world, the same children’s stories and more are reaching new generations in America and the subcontinent via apps, books, games, videos, podcasts, and streaming.

  • Punjabi Truckers on American Highways

    Punjabi Truckers on American Highways December 2020 - PUNJABIS CARVE A NICHE IN TRUCKING: America’s great interstate network has long been a boon for road warriors, and the newest long-haulers to claim it as their open road are Punjabi truckers from various walks of life. They have become so numerous that now there are Indian-style dhabas—as rest stops in many places—to give them a taste and feel of home.

  • Magic of Diwali: Six Perspectives

    Magic of Diwali: Six Perspectives November 2020 - WRITERS REFLECT ON DIWALI: Six perspectives on Diwali show how the magic and mystery of this beloved Indian festival can mean different things to different people at different times in their lives. Fond remembrances of Diwalis past highlight how we along with the festival have changed, but the traditions and celebrations continue.

  • Jugaad in the Times of Coronavirus

    Jugaad  in the Times of Coronavirus October 2020 - HOW TO SURVIVE, THRIVE, & INSPIRE - “When the going gets tough, the tough get going” is no cliché, as this pandemic has shown us. Revealing a reservoir of strength, many individuals are not only facing their challenges successfully—and creatively—but they are often helping or inspiring others as well. We share the stories of five such Indian-Americans.

  • Schooling: Online and Off

    Schooling: Online and Off September 2020 - Saying that school openings have been challenging for students, teachers, and parents is an understatement. While many have accepted online education as a temporary fix, there are concerns—just as there are concerns about contact on campus. Khabar takes a closer look at what all of us are learning in the Covid era.

  • 10 Gems of Indian Civilization

    10 Gems of Indian Civilization August 2020 - What exactly defines Indian culture? Does it contain some unique value? Who speaks for Indian culture? Psychiatrist PAUL R. FLEISCHMAN, winner of the distinguished Oskar Pfister Award from the American Psychiatric Association, a student of India for over forty years, a Vipassana teacher, and author of several books including Cultivating Inner Peace, The Healing Spirit, Karma and Chaos, and An Ancient Path, highlights ten gems at the crux of the Indian heritage.

  • Voices: Time to Align with the Black Community

    Voices: Time to Align with the Black Community July 2020 - “To serve and protect” is a worthy police motto, but those words ring hollow for the long-victimized African American community. While George Flyod’s horrific murder reignited the Black Lives Matter movement, drawing wide support, where do Indian-Americans stand on policing and protests—and are they willing to join the fight for racial justice?






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