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Chinmaya Mission Events in January 2021

1/7/2021 7:00 PM

Chinmaya Mission Events in January 2021
Hari OM!

I am glad to announce two Vedanta Satsangs that will be starting this week by  Brahmacharini Jyotiji,
Please do not miss the opportunity -

1) Drg Drśya Viveka -is a highly contemplative prakarana grantha which alludes the introspective mind to the subtler Truths of Reality. In a systematic and logical manner, we will  churn the ocean of knowledge which abounds in this text and extract the nectar hidden within.

Commences: From today, Jan 7th every Thursday 7PM to 8 PM.
ZOOM Details:
Passcode: Satsang

2)The Mahima of Hanumanji  - The opulence of our beloved Hanumani shines from inside out when a Parama Jnani manifests as Parma Bhakta. Join us on our trek thru Kishkinda Kanda to Sundarkanda as we unearth the jewels of Vedanta hidden within this bhakta grantha of Sri Ramcharitmanas.

Commences: From Jan 9th every Saturday 11AM to 11.45 AM.
ZOOM Details:
Passcode: Satsang

For any questions or concerns, please contact Ram Hegde @ 404-966-4280

Dr. G.V. Raghu.
Chinmaya Mission Atlanta 
5511 Williams Rd. Norcross. GA.30093 
Land: 678-615-7088
Cell: 478-213-6103
He is a Mahatma, who keeps the tongue, the reproductive organ, word and the mind perfectly under control, and patiently withstand all provocations-Swami Chinmayananda.

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