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Greater Atlanta Vedic Temple: September Events

9/4/2016 10:30 AM

Greater Atlanta Vedic Temple: September Events

Greater Atlanta Vedic Temple: September Events

Friday - Sept 2
Interactive Session focused at youth
7.oo PM
Cultivating Gratitude - Why and How

Saturday - Sept 3
Interactive session focused at youth
11 am
Benefits of knowing multiple languages

Sunday - Sept 4
10.30 AM
Special Agnihotra and Sermon: Topic : Shri Krishna of Aryas
Guest speaker: Acharya Darshnanand PhD
We will get the meal sponsored on both these times. If you can RSVP by emailing at, it will help us plan better. Acharya Darshananand is a well rounded scholar versed in Vedic lore, research in social- behavioral sciences, and a practicing yogi. He studied Panini Ashtadyayi and Mahabhashya, Nirukt, Darshanas, Upanishads, and portions of Vedas in various Gurukuls in India. He earned a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology in 2009. Apart from teaching and research, Acharya Ji has been involved in promoting Vedic teachings, lifestyle, and philosophy in temples, summer camps, and other forums in North America and England for the past 21 years.

Venue: 492 Harmony Grove Rd, Lilburn, Georgia 30047
Contact: 770-381-3662,, ​

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