• How to Fail in Business

    How to Fail in Business March 2012 - Blockbuster, Palm, Sears, Blackberry, Avon, and Kodak -- large companies, once leaders, are now in decline. Even small businesses can learn from their mistakes. Let's consider innovation, courage, cashing out/greed, and investments.

  • A Primer on Foreign Corrupt Practices

    A Primer on Foreign Corrupt Practices February 2012 - Gratuities, kickbacks, tips, commissions, sweetheart deals-—you may be treading on a minefield that could land you in legal trouble, if you don’t know the law about doing business abroad.

  • The Importance of Outsiders

    The Importance of Outsiders January 2012 - Unlike public companies, private-held companies often select insiders such as key employees, family members, friends and investors for their boards. However, "outside” directors can have many advantages.

  • Funding a business through private investors

    Funding a business through private investors December 2011 - You may not be a Bernie Madoff, but you might end up with a securities violation if you don't raise money for your company the right way. Here's info on registering or obtaining an exemption when selling securities to raise capital.

  • Pricing and Funding a Business

    Pricing and Funding a Business November 2011 - Tips are presented for determining the price a business should be, and for obtaining funding for its purchase.

  • The Dos and Don’ts of Starting up a Business

    The Dos and Don’ts of Starting up a Business October 2011 - Becoming your own boss has a number of advantages, but also some pitfalls. Here are some of the business basics that any new or existing business owner should be mindful of.

  • Trading “Freely”

    Trading “Freely” September 2011 - Could your business benefit from operating within a foreign trade zone? Foreign Trade Zones or Free Trade Zones are areas set up by local governments to encourage businesses to locate there to create jobs and increase economic growth.

  • Cloud Marketing and Image

    Cloud Marketing and Image August 2011 - Most businesses have a website and some online activity. However, very few are leveraging the vast opportunities that may be available to them. Most companies have an established website, but have you done anything lately to make your site more effective?

  • Opportunity of a Lifetime?: More than likely it is too good to be true

    Opportunity of a Lifetime?: More than likely it is too good to be true July 2011 - “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” Trite but still accurate. Business fraud is on the rise and thousands of people every year are duped by individuals offering opportunities, investments, businesses and the promise of a better future.

  • The Paths to Entrepreneurship

    The Paths to Entrepreneurship May 2011 - The traditional model of coming up with your own idea and opening a company may be the hardest. Most business owners are either purchasing an existing operation or buying into a franchise. Each path has different advantages and disadvantages that need to be considered.






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