• Billing and Collecting...On Time

    Billing and Collecting...On Time May 2016 - A key component of any successful business is getting paid by your customers, on time. However, many businesses focus on revenue generation, ignoring the non-paying customer.

  • Intellectual Property: A Primer

    Intellectual Property: A Primer April 2016 - Every business encounters intellectual property (IP) issues. These involve inventions, artistic works, symbols, names, and images that are protected by Patents, Trademarks, and Copyrights.

  • Finding a Business in All the Wrong Places

    Finding a Business in All the Wrong Places March 2016 - There are many roads to business ownership. Opportunities include starting a new business or buying an existing business, especially one in bankruptcy or distress, or a management buyout.

  • Checklist for a New Business

    Checklist for a New Business February 2016 - Opening a business certainly requires perseverance and hard work, but that may not be enough. Preliminary due diligence and groundwork can help ensure long term success of a new business.

  • Business Trends to Watch in 2016

    Business Trends to Watch in 2016 January 2016 - Last year we highlighted business trends that focused on efficiency, mobility, and accessibility. In 2016 we focus on technology, employee & client satisfaction, productivity & retention.

  • Annual Checkups

    Annual Checkups December 2015 - All businesses, especially small ones, should take stock of their operations at least once a year. This includes reviewing business operations, financials, and assessing potential risks.

  • Creating and Keeping a Company Culture

    Creating and Keeping a Company Culture November 2015 - It may be the biggest problem that you don’t know you have—company culture. Do you have one? Do you need one? What is it? The discussion on culture is having its moment.


    CYBERSECURITY 101 October 2015 - With recent hacks to companies such as Sony, Target, and Home Depot, as well as to the entertainment industry, data security has been shoved to the forefront of the news cycle. SME’s need to implement effective cybersecurity policies just as much as larger companies do.

  • Separating the Company from the Individual

    Separating the Company from the Individual September 2015 - The importance of keeping a business entity separate from its individual owners, managers, and officers cannot be overstated, otherwise you risk your home, your savings, and personal property.

  • Smart Selling

    Smart Selling August 2015 - Whether you are selling a product or services, from a storefront or website, B to B or to consumers, sales is a key component of any enterprise. Here are recent trends in sales and marketing.








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