• If I Were an Indian Muslim

    If I Were an Indian Muslim January 2009 - Secularism, a product of a mature civilization, is certainly advantageous to all demographic groups. But for the minority, it is an outright boon—something to be cherished and preserved at any cost.

  • It is the worst of times...and the best of times

    It is the worst of times...and the best of times November 2008 - Most of us grew up experiencing—either first hand or at close quarters—real hardships. Regardless of the economy (which did not seem to have such a pronounced sway on our everyday lives in those days), we always knew what it meant.

  • Endless Terrorism?

    Endless Terrorism? September 2008 - These highly accomplished entrepreneurs and innovators trace back their roots to the Indian Institute of Technology in Mumbai, India. Here, they share their stories of risk taking and more that have earned them a place in an elite group.

  • The Paradox of Globalization

    The Paradox of Globalization April 2008 - A U.K.-based Indian writer once described ‘globalization heaven’ as follows: An Indian spouse, a British home, an American job, and Chinese cuisine. What, then, is ‘globalization hell’?

  • The Presidential Election

    The Presidential Election March 2008 - Rising above self-interest

  • Our Love-Hate Relationship With, um...Bollywood

    Our Love-Hate Relationship With, um...Bollywood February 2008 - There is a segment of the upwardly mobile middle class that tends to define its elitism by how much it has distanced itself from the “lowbrow” world of Bollywood.

  • Is Print Dying in the Digital Age?

    Is Print Dying in the Digital Age? January 2008 - Though the Internet is rising in popularity, according to Deloitte’s 2007 “State of the Media Democracy” survey, traditional media remain deeply engaging to consumers.

  • Being in the Now!

    Being in the Now! December 2007 - Sometimes the best thing we can do is to slow down enough to appreciate all the things in our lives and be grateful for our blessings. The world has always had turmoil and most likely always will.

  • What’s So Right About America

    What’s So Right About America November 2007 - Even the most visible, and high status, symbols of success (Bobby Jindal becomes the first Indian American governor, roughly 8 percent of Indian Americans are millionaires, etc.) are the consequence—not the cause—of what is so right about

  • Fifteen Years in a Flash!

    Fifteen Years in a Flash! October 2007 - From the Desk of the President I can't believe that this October will be Khabar's 15th year anniversary!








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