• Vote for Substance, Not Image

    Vote for Substance, Not Image April 2004 - Broadly speaking, the values of the Republican Party are often touted as more aligned to our community as a whole. To begin with, there is this oft-repeated piece of statistic from the U.S. Census Bureau...

  • Not a Gay Topic

    Not a Gay Topic March 2004 - The recent Presidential proposal for a Constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage has launched a national debate. But are Indian-Americans engaged, or do we continue to pretend that the issue does not exist?

  • A Model Indian

    A Model Indian February 2004 - Rarely do we publish cover features on personalities. Usually, that space is reserved for compelling and relevant themes that directly affect a community of immigrants such as us.

  • A Faith Driven Governor in a Secular Society

    A Faith Driven Governor in a Secular Society January 2004 - Based on our meeting with him, as well as on our conversations with a varied cross section of people, one thing appears clear: the governor does not deserve the bad rap he has been dished out - as being a racist.

  • Happy New Year

    Happy New Year December 2003 - Human bondage bordering on slavery seems like a social ill of generations past. Sadly, it is still alive in these high tech and civilized times, but worse; it is America ?the paragon of freedom ? that is used by the ... By KAMALIKA BANERJEE

  • The Bobby Jindal Irony

    The Bobby Jindal Irony November 2003 - The Indian-American community is on the verge of a historical landmark. The man responsible for it is Bobby Jindal, the frontrunner in the candidacy for Governor of Louisiana.

  • Keeping Diwali Alive

    Keeping Diwali Alive October 2003 - Parenting a toddler may well be one of the most effective of catalysts to bring about change in one's perspectives on life; more so for first generation immigrant parents raising their children in the new country.

  • The Mechanics of Madness

    The Mechanics of Madness September 2003 - On Monday, August 25th, 2003 twin bomb blasts in Mumbai killed more than 50.

  • “What’s so great about India?”

    “What’s so great about India?” August 2003 - It was a simple question from a persistent skeptic and a cynic. Notwithstanding the motives behind the question, an attempt at reflecting on it does serve as a good exercise in commemorating the 57th anniversary of India's Independence Day.

  • Shoot the Messenger!

    Shoot the Messenger! July 2003 - Nationalistically speaking, we Indians are a proud lot. And rightly so, there is a lot in our glorious heritage to be proud of.






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