• A historic event for the Indian-American community in Atlanta

    A historic event for the Indian-American community in Atlanta December 2012 - Prompt and professional service is a two-way street. Even the best staff can be rendered ineffective when dozens of people call daily to ask questions that are answered on the website or forms.

  • Seeing Through the Myths

    Seeing Through the Myths October 2012 - An editorial favoring Barack Obama—followed by a counter opinion column endorsing Mitt Romney by Sadanand Dhume, a resident fellow at the American Enterprise Institute.

  • Why today’s Republican Party is stacked against Indian-American interests

    Why today’s Republican Party is stacked against Indian-American interests September 2012 - Why the GOP is as incompatible with the Indian-American community as the Democratic Party is with fundamentalist Christians.

  • Celebrating Our Freedoms in America

    Celebrating Our Freedoms in America July 2012 - Activist Harsh Mander opined that a democracy should be judged not just by how much it upholds the will of the majority, but also by how it treats its minorities. The Indian-American community in the U.S. is quite anxiety-free.

  • Apu Nahasapeemapetilon Lives On

    Apu Nahasapeemapetilon Lives On May 2012 - “Many Americans think of Indians as strange foreigners with an inaccessible culture and horrible accents.” Yet, America was envisioned in a cosmopolitan spirit. Caricatures like Apu will become relics soon...

  • Queer about Gays (Dharun Ravi Case)

    Queer about Gays (Dharun Ravi Case) April 2012 - We live in a society where until recently homophobia was institutionalized in our vaunted military, and where a major political party still continues to engage in anti-gay activism. Then why make the culpability of Dharun Ravi so much bigger than that of the society?

  • Welcome to Americana

    Welcome to Americana February 2012 - Many Indian-Americans isolate ourselves from the culture of our adopted homeland. Our new column, Americana, will shed some light on regional American character, translating American culture for Indian sensibilities.

  • Mission Impossible in Mumbai? Hope not.

    Mission Impossible in Mumbai? Hope not. January 2012 - The stench and filth in most parts of Mumbai is overwhelming, but seems blissfully immaterial to the locals, to whom glamour seems more interesting. Can we see that our lifestyle is inextricably linked to the underclass, that we can’t compartmentalize the city?

  • When Parochialisms Collide

    When Parochialisms Collide December 2011 - We heard the parochialism of a state senator criticizing his governor and political rival for participating in a Hindu ceremony--but the incident also pointed out that Hindus' push to combine business with ceremony can be inconsiderate.

  • How Things Change!

    How Things Change! November 2011 - Remember early immigrants' fears of losing their traditions, that they'd have to eat mashed potatoes and black-eyed peas forever? Thanks to the technological revolution and our global village, the tables have turned--and our young people are turning to their spiritual roots!









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