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Quota of Quotes

November 2008
Quota of Quotes

"We were often scolded by the West about how India's financial sector was over-regulated and we needed to adopt Western best practices. We all now know how good those best practices were." -- Kamal Nath, India's commerce and industry minister, to an audience of cheering business leaders in New Delhi recently. (Washington Post)

"For the last eight years Americans, and that means you -- I don't mean you personally -- have been voting for stupidity, deviousness, and incompetence." – Salman Rushdie, speaking at a Barack Obama fundraiser that featured several acclaimed authors of Indian origin. (

"To me anybody who lies can act.” – Bollywood star Anupam Kher, part of a group of actors and film-makers teaching at a new Bollywood acting school in London. (

“Unlike in Bollywood movies, we fight. We are totally opposite, but she is mine.” – New York advertising executive and stand-up comedian Rahul Siddharth, who married Dr. Sapna Chaudhary in a lavish ceremony that included an elephant ride for the groom. (New York Times)

"I find it slightly unnerving that people who have no problem sending 17- and 18-year-old kids 10,000 miles to fight and die in this war have such a problem sending a 30-year-old a few hundred miles to help end this war.” – Democratic Party candidate Ashwin Madia of Minnesota, responding to Republican criticism that he lacks the experience to serve in the U.S. House of Representatives. (Minnesota Public Radio)

“Everything I had collected in my 46 years experience of a well-lived life, I began to write. In fact, this prison term is a blessing in disguise for me. I would never have realized I could write, and that too this much, if I had not landed in jail.” – Dr. Prakash, an orthopedic surgeon who has written about 100 books over the last seven years while serving a prison sentence near Chennai for making pornographic CDs and selling them abroad. (The Week)

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