• India Calls, Shanghai to Chengdu

    India Calls, Shanghai to Chengdu June 2010 - At the 2010 Shanghai Expo, now in progress, there’s an Indian pavilion that highlights diverse aspects of Indian culture through a ‘Cities of Harmony’ theme.

  • A Gold-plated Controversy

    A Gold-plated Controversy June 2010 - Over 440 pounds of gold would be needed to gold-plate the walls of the temple’s sanctum sanctorum, which occupies 10,000 square feet.

  • Harvard's Indian Connection

    Harvard's Indian Connection June 2010 - Two scholars who grew up in India have made history at Harvard, one of the world’s most prestigious universities.

  • A Taste of the Raj

    A Taste of the Raj June 2010 - Speaking of Britain, the Raj has returned—or rather, the East India Company is back.

  • Bollygarchs Hail Britannia

    Bollygarchs Hail Britannia June 2010 - Just like Russian oligarchs, there are superrich Indians—how about Bollygarchs?—who own properties in Britain, where they enjoy living royally as 21st-century aristocrats.

  • Japan's Love Affair with Curry

    Japan's Love Affair with Curry June 2010 - The notorious Wakayama Curry Murder case has nothing to do with Japan’s affinity for curry. A survey in 2005 found that the Japanese eat curry 125 times a year, making it one of their most favorite dishes.

  • Questioning Amitav Ghosh's Prize

    Questioning Amitav Ghosh's Prize June 2010 - Another kind of controversy involves the Dan David Prize, conferred this year on authors Amitav Ghosh and Margaret Atwood. Worth $1 million, it is jointly sponsored by Israel’s Dan David Foundation and Tel Aviv University.

  • Trip Adivisor's Top 25 Destination in India

    Trip Adivisor's Top 25 Destination in India June 2010 - TRAVELERS' CHOICE 2010

  • A Dance Wonder in Down Under

    A Dance Wonder in Down Under January - A rash of violent, often racist, attacks on students from the subcontinent has diminished the appeal of Australia, especially Melbourne, where many of these incidents took place. Some dubious institutions were shut down, and the number of Indian students going to Australia has dropped.






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