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Hindoos and Heathens!

Compiled by Sindya N. Bhanoo Email Compiled by Sindya N. Bhanoo
August 2015
Hindoos and Heathens!


(Pictured: Dr. Jatindra Mohan Bose, who dreamt of drawing India nearer to the US through commerce. Sayyid Mohamad Jaffer, a medical student who intended to open up trade between the Deccan and the US.)


August 1908 – St. Nihal Singh writes in the Calcutta-based Modern Review, describing the various reactions that Indians receive from Americans: taken for a nirvanic and unanimated character, considered a heathen, or mistreated as a Negro. Singh also details other issues facing Indian students: basic sustenance, the cost of living, etc., and tells of several Americans who have helped Indian students through collegiate organizations.


St Nihal Singh was a journalist who lived and travelled through the USA, Canada, and Japan.

Snapshots of Indian-American history from SAADA.
Sindya N. Bhanoo writes the Observatory column in the Science section of
The New York Times. She is also a board member of South Asian American Digital Archive (SAADA). This column’s material is from SAADA. https://www.saadigitalarchive.org/.

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