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Letters from Readers: Haley doesn’t represent Indian-Americans, Corruption in India, Let GOPIO be, Burglars

September 2011
Letters from Readers: Haley doesn’t represent Indian-Americans, Corruption in India, Let GOPIO be, Burglars

Leaders like Haley don’t represent progressive Indian-Americans

I fully agree with the analysis in your August editorial about Governor Nikki Haley of South Carolina. Ms. Haley is a typical right-wing leader with Tea Party leanings. During her gubernatorial race, Indian associations like the IAGG (Indian Association of Greater Greenville), South Carolina, which ought to be nonpartisan, have, unfortunately, even hosted fundraisers for her, because of some influential Indian-American community leaders. While I feel Ms. Haley’s accomplishments are praiseworthy, I did not, like many progressive Indian-Americans, vote for her because of her extreme-right ideologies, especially her support of the NRA and orthodox Christianity.

The Tea Party members in the U.S. House of Representatives almost drove the country to financial disaster during the debt crisis. The GOP uses minority leaders like Bobby Jindal and Nikki Haley to show they attract diverse ethnic groups as long as these leaders blindly support out-of-date conservative views on economic and social issues. It is about time Indian-Americans woke up and elected pragmatic and thoughtful progressives who can move this country forward.

S. Swamy

Greenville, South Carolina

We should support the struggle against corruption in India

The Indian government, with its autocratic attitude, seems to be behaving like Middle Eastern dictatorships, with sanity prevailing only sometimes. I am referring to the show of confrontation and subsequent climb downs by the government, which only brings down the image of the country in the international sphere. It was ridiculous to see the Home Minister threatening dire action against Anna Hazare, taking steps to bypass the Parliament, when the minister’s name appears prominently along with others in the first Wikileaks list of persons who have invested in Swiss Banks. There are other cabinet ministers besides him in the list. What action are they taking to comply with the law they are trying to enforce on others?

When Anna Hazare was arrested for launching a fast, many organizations began public agitations. This made the government relent, showing that democracy is still alive in India. There have also been adverse vocal reactions to the government’s attitude from various NRI groups outside India. The NRI groups here also must make evident their displeasure against the government’s high-handed actions and double standards. Today, it is most important to have a suitable Lokpal Bill with sufficient teeth to take action irrespective of political affiliations or official positions excluding only the Prime Minister (for the sake of stability), and also take steps for bringing back the mind-boggling amounts of money stashed in Swiss Banks. It is not sheer coincidence that many activists who have sought information under the Right to Information Act have been done away with in the last couple of years to frighten those who may seek information in the future.

It is a pity that at a time when people in Europe and the United States are becoming aware of Hindu religious philosophy and culture and are advocating them, when yoga has become so popular here, our politicians are degrading our country by their behavior. May good sense prevail in our people so we can have a good government!

J.S. Aiyar

Alpharetta, Georgia

Let GOPIO do its work

Having joined the GOPIO (Global Organization of People of Indian Origin) after being a Rotarian—a Paul Harris Fellow since 1990—I was pained to read the letter in your June issue (“What’s the point of these self-serving organizations?”), where the author seems more intent on character assassination than on providing any real or valid reason for this attack on people trying to make a difference and do some good for the community.

GOPIO has done a good body of work internationally and nationally. The OCI/PIO cards were one of GOPIO’s many achievements. I will be happy to provide a list of its accomplishments, if needed. A local chapter will be able to serve the community in many different areas including visa/passport issues and property issues in India. Why kill a good effort? We must give them a chance to show they can be effective.

As a member serving on the organization’s cultural committee, I would like to invite the author to meet the GOPIO executive committee in person to ask any questions he may have rather than indulge in unproductive mud-slinging on a public forum.

Atlanta is a big city with several desi organizations vying for center stage. Many philanthropic institutions, now well established, needed the community’s support when they began their efforts.

Let all buds bloom, if we want to see a nav bahaar (new spring).

Tej Khurana

by email

Beware of burglars targeting Indian households

My neighbors across the street—an Indian family—were recently the victims of a burglary and armed robbery. Four masked men entered their home and stole a lot of their valuables, and also took away a safe that contained several thousand dollars’ worth of jewelry. We live in East Cobb, which is considered a very safe area. The police investigating this incident mentioned that another Indian home close by had also been targeted in a similar fashion a few weeks ago, and that there have been several such incidents reported in the Southeastern United States. The officers suspect that this is an organized gang activity specifically targeting Indian homes in the belief that Indians keep gold jewelry at home.

I hope you can follow up this matter with a report to alert your readers to this crime spree.

Jay Shreenath
by email

In the wake of reports about several break-ins into Indian homes in the Atlanta area, it is vital to warn our community about the danger of keeping gold and diamond jewelry in homes. We have seen that the thieves are not deterred by alarm systems, and many of the victims did not have insurance. I urge readers to act immediately, and keep their valuables in safe deposit boxes in banks.

Mansukh Dudani
Marietta, Georgia

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