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Transcending Sense Perceptions

By Sadhguru Email By Sadhguru
May 2009
Transcending Sense Perceptions

You have never experienced any power beyond yourself, except Nature. Now, this wind that is blowing here, you are not blowing it, isn’t it? This much is very clear to you. The wind blows with tremendous power; but you did not start this wind. And you did not create yourselves; you just happen to be here. Without that energy or that something, which is beyond you, nothing can happen. Something must have created you.

Now that you do not know what created you, the next immediate thing you will say is that God must have done it. Now where has God come from? Since you are a human being, you think that God is a big human being. If you were a buffalo, you would think God is a big buffalo. So, whatever your idea of God is, it is simply coming from the limited experience of who you are right now. It is not coming from any true experience. It is only coming from a limited imagination. You are in human form, so you think God is one big human being. So, whatever you call as God, you are only either thinking or imagining it. It is only in your mind.

The only thing that you can really experience is that which is within you. And that which is within you, you have never really looked at in real depth.

Whatever you have known till now, your experience is only limited to your five sense organs. Whatever you have known, either of the world, or yourself, has come to you only by seeing, hearing, smelling, touching and tasting. If these five senses go to sleep, you will neither know the world nor yourself.

The sense organs are limited perceptions. They feel everything only in comparison to something else. Now if I touch a steel rod, it feels cool to me simply because my body temperature is in a certain way. Suppose I lower my temperature and touch it, it will feel warm to me. So, this is not a genuine experience. This (sense perception) is an experience that is just sufficient to survive in the physical reality. Whatever experience you have through the five sense perceptions is a sufficient experience only for survival in this existence.

But if you are seeking something beyond survival, then the sense perceptions are not enough. So, all yogic practices are fundamentally aimed at giving you an experience beyond the five sense perceptions. Whatever you experience beyond the five sense perceptions is not in terms of physical reality; it is in a different dimension. That dimension, if you want to call it God, call it God, or if you want to just call it power, power. Or if you want to call it myself, call it myself. You call it whichever way you like. Whatever name you give, it always gets misunderstood by people. The moment you give it a name, people misunderstand it in some way. Always. It does not matter what you call it. You call it ‘Shiva’, ‘Allah’, ‘God’, or ‘Divine’, but the moment you say it, within 10 minutes, misunderstandings will happen within people’s minds.

So, right now the whole experience of transcending your limitations, can it come from within you, or does it happen from outside of you? That is the basic question. Now, if you want to transcend, only if you are truly willing it can happen; otherwise no power on earth or in heaven can move you.

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