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Untie Those Knots

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September 2009
Untie Those Knots

Why are people pursuing life after death? What is the point? Most don’t even know how to handle life—right here, right now. Then why this infatuation with life after death?

People are always trying to understand life after death. But anything that is not in your present level of experience, there is no way for you to understand. This needs to be extremely clear. You cannot understand anything which is in a different dimension than you are in right now.

The effort should be not to understand, but to move into a different dimension. If that needs to happen, first you must stop striving to understand. You have to see that you cannot understand, and that there is no need to. It is the experience which takes you out from one dimension and into another.

If you try to understand a flower, what will you understand? In your attempt to understand it, maybe you will pull it apart petal by petal. Maybe you will know the chemistry of it. Maybe you will analyze everything and conclude that it is made up of protons, neutrons, and electrons. All that is fine, but you will not know anything about the essence of the flower.

People are trying to deliver spirituality as an understanding. They are always talking about how God is, how heaven is. This will not lead you anywhere except to hallucinations. This is not a dimension you can understand.

The only thing that you need to understand is how you are bound to your limitations. If you understand this and free yourself from those bondages, wherever you have to go, you will anyway go.

If I talk about the sky, it’s no use. What are the ropes which are tying you down to the earth? That is all that matters. Your business is with the ropes that are tying you down, not with the sky. If you untie these ropes, you will anyway reach the sky. When you reach there, only then you will know what the sky is. Till then, whatever you think about it, whatever understanding, whatever analysis you make, is coming from the limited dimension of where you are right now.

There is no way to understand that which is beyond your present level of experience. So the Guru’s work is to help you untie the knots with which you are binding yourself, and to show you where the knots are. If you untie them you may come to an edge where maybe only one knot is left. Now, the Guru can push you. If he pushes you when you have ten ropes tied down, then it will damage you. He can push you only when everything is broken and just one single thread is hanging. Then he can push you. He can afford to push you because you will not break; only the thread will break. With yoga, you can mature the body, the mind, and the energies so that slowly, these bondages and ropes are gradually broken down. A moment comes when all you need is a ‘Whoo!’ You will go.

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