• Life between Pizzas and Pakoras

    Life between Pizzas and Pakoras May 2017 - Indian-American teens shed light on the tricky, sometimes painful aspects of constantly slipping in and out of two vastly different cultures—and learning to celebrate both.

  • War on Immigrants

    War on Immigrants April 2017 - President Trump sees immigrants as job stealers and criminals--hence his sweeping executive orders, deportations, “Muslim Ban,” attack on visas, border walls...and we have a war on immigration.

  • The Trump and Modi Show

    The Trump and Modi Show March 2017 - BILATERAL RELATIONS BETWEEN TWO OF THE WORLD’S LARGEST DEMOCRACIES: A lucid overview of the Indo-American relationship. What’s in store for it in the face of Trump’s “America First” reorientation?

  • Ciao! Meet the Indian-Italians

    Ciao! Meet the Indian-Italians February 2017 - INDIAN-ITALIANS: A dominant force in the cheese industry, Punjabi farmers also cultivate the Italian countryside. Indians now enjoy living in Italy's beautiful land and family-oriented culture.

  • Anticipating Madam President

    Anticipating Madam President January 2017 - We did not get Madam President, but these South Asian women, rising stars in the political universe, offer hope, and pushback to Trumpism. If minority women are doing well, perhaps all is not lost.

  • Make Music, Not War

    Make Music, Not War December 2016 - In a world torn apart by violence, distrust, and prejudice, music is indeed the food of love. An American music teacher took 20 Pakistani students on a concert trip from Karachi to Mumbai.

  • Fashion Czars

    Fashion Czars November 2016 - DESI DESIGNERS MAKE A SPLASH: Rachel Roy, Waris Ahluwalia, Naeem Khan, and Pia Fleming are some who have managed to storm the citadels of high-end U.S. fashion, despite competition and cliques.

  • Presidential Election 2016

    Presidential Election 2016 October 2016 - THE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION: “Trump’s a whacko, Clinton’s a liar,” seems to be the word on the street. Editor-in-chief Parthiv N. Parekh and Republican activist Narender Reddy present their views.

  • Tech Trailblazers: Breaking the Glass Ceiling

    Tech Trailblazers: Breaking the Glass Ceiling September 2016 - The male-dominated tech world is showing signs of opening up, largely due to the efforts of women themselves. Here’s are some trailblazers at the forefront of the geek glass ceiling.

  • The Changing Storyline of Indian Cinema

    The Changing Storyline of Indian Cinema August 2016 - Something has been happening in Indian cinema recently. Indian films are going digital, international, and short, but most importantly there is a new and refreshing variety of themes.







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