• The ‘Other’ Indian Immigrants

    The ‘Other’ Indian Immigrants February 2020 - Indians in America have been a "model minority," but given a dysfunctional immigration system, they have become one of the largest undocumented populations in the U.S.

  • An Indian-American Journey

    An Indian-American Journey January 2020 - RAJIV SATYAL’S INDIAN-AMERICAN JOURNEY: A comedian’s jovial and touching personal essay about family, community, and identity. Also, in an illuminating interview, Satyal shares more.


    Forum: SUPREME COURT’S AYODHYA VERDICT December 2019 - Two opinion pieces consider whether India’s Supreme Court caved in to right-wing sentiments, or made the right decision, with its recent verdict on the Babri Masjid site in Ayodhya.

  • The Uppity Immigrant

    The Uppity Immigrant November 2019 - In an interview, author SUKETU MEHTA talks about why the “browning of America” shouldn’t be feared; his concerns for India, especially Kashmir; about citizenship and community, and more.

  • What Diwali Means to Me

    What Diwali Means to Me October 2019 - Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni's essay on Diwali is followed by a review of her novel, The Forest of Enchantments, and an excerpt showing why Sita wrote her own version of the Ramayana.

  • Mumbai Railways: The Great Leveler

    Mumbai Railways: The Great Leveler September 2019 - Mumbai’s suburban train system is a gritty but endearing world of hardened daily commuters and occasional riders in awe of the massive system transporting millions of passengers daily.

  • Perspectives on Partition

    Perspectives on Partition August 2019 - Perspectives on Partition, Part 1: An Unsung Hero, Allama Mashriqi’s Struggle against Partition by NASIM YOUSAF. Part 2: The Forces that Made Partition Inevitable by Dr. UMA MAJMUDAR.

  • The Guardians of India’s Cinematic Heritage

    The Guardians of India’s Cinematic Heritage July 2019 - MUMBAI, MECCA FOR FILM FANS: Have you despaired over India’s haphazard approach to cultural preservation? Take heart! We now have the Film Heritage Foundation and the National Museum of Indian Cinema.


    CRICKET NATION! June 2019 - CRICKET CRAZY! More than the classic tussle between bat and ball, in India it's a national passion, stimulus to the economy, tool for bridge-building between warring neighbors, even a religion.

  • Finding Common Sound

    Finding Common Sound May 2019 - WHEN EAST MEETS WEST, IT IS MUSIC TO THE EARS. Carnatic and Hindustani mingle with Jazz, Rock, Electronica, and more; Indian classical music goes global—this world music is alchemical.






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