• The Year of the (Brown) Woman

    The Year of the (Brown) Woman January 2019 - Pramila Jayapal, House Representative from Seattle, is called “a rising star.” Seema Nanda is CEO of the Democratic National Committee. These are just two of the rising crop of brown women in public life.

  • The Great Parental Role Reversal

    The Great Parental Role Reversal December 2018 - LOOKING AFTER PARENTS WHO LOOKED AFTER YOU: Two perspectives, both personal and general, from two generations on caring for aging parents, even as we get older--it requires careful thought and preparation.

  • ARTlanta

    ARTlanta November 2018 - SOUTH ASIAN ARTISTS IN ATLANTA: painting or sculpture, traditional or modern, Indian or fusion—here are sharply etched pen portraits of dynamic artists and stunning images of their work.

  • Festive: Diwali Delights

    Festive: Diwali Delights October 2018 - A FESTIVAL BONANZA: a nostalgic essay on Diwali in America, the legend of Vaishno Devi, a cynical girl’s discovery of Diwali, recipes, a short story, and thoughts from an American convert.

  • Generation 1.5

    Generation 1.5 September 2018 - GENERATION 1.5: Longtime desi immigrants who see themselves as both Indian and American feel tied to both their native land and their adoptive land, in a hyphenated, in-between world.

  • Life, Reinvented

    Life, Reinvented August 2018 - In Atlanta, Junior Anand Gupta was living the American dream. He moved back to India, resolving to give one day a week for a social cause. He is now a warrior for women's safety.

  • H-1 and H-4 Blues! and The Plight of DALCA Children

    H-1 and H-4 Blues! and The Plight of DALCA Children July 2018 - The lives of tens of thousands of Indian immigrants will be uprooted and destroyed if the Trump administration moves ahead with its hardline proposals regarding these legally arrived immigrants.

  • Confluence of Cultures

    Confluence of Cultures June 2018 - In dance, music, and cuisine, vibrant artistes and chefs are showcasing the best of two worlds—their North American upbringing and their Indian heritage—and redefining Indian-American culture.

  • Destiny’s Daughter

    Destiny’s Daughter May 2018 - Nextflix documentary "Daughters of Destiny" introduces us to Shilpa Raj, a Dalit who attended an Indian-American's Shanti Bhavan school and wrote her memoir, "The Elephant Chaser’s Daughter."

  • From 1 to 100,000: The Pioneers, Pillars, and Milestones of the Atlanta Indian Community

    From 1 to 100,000: The Pioneers, Pillars, and Milestones of the Atlanta Indian Community April 2018 - Our history from 1960s solitude and adventures where remnants of segregation still existed, to today’s oversaturated Indianization of our American lives--with interviews of some of our pioneers.







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