• Schooling: Online and Off

    Schooling: Online and Off September 2020 - Saying that school openings have been challenging for students, teachers, and parents is an understatement. While many have accepted online education as a temporary fix, there are concerns—just as there are concerns about contact on campus. Khabar takes a closer look at what all of us are learning in the Covid era.

  • 10 Gems of Indian Civilization

    10 Gems of Indian Civilization August 2020 - What exactly defines Indian culture? Does it contain some unique value? Who speaks for Indian culture? Psychiatrist PAUL R. FLEISCHMAN, winner of the distinguished Oskar Pfister Award from the American Psychiatric Association, a student of India for over forty years, a Vipassana teacher, and author of several books including Cultivating Inner Peace, The Healing Spirit, Karma and Chaos, and An Ancient Path, highlights ten gems at the crux of the Indian heritage.

  • Voices: Time to Align with the Black Community

    Voices: Time to Align with the Black Community July 2020 - “To serve and protect” is a worthy police motto, but those words ring hollow for the long-victimized African American community. While George Flyod’s horrific murder reignited the Black Lives Matter movement, drawing wide support, where do Indian-Americans stand on policing and protests—and are they willing to join the fight for racial justice?

  • Down But Not Out

    Down But Not Out June 2020 - Now that the shock caused by the Covid-19 crisis has given way to an uneasy acceptance of our changed reality, we find that many are not only surviving and managing, they are also finding ways to thrive in the new environment. Unlocking the human spirit is up to each individual. We share stories of individuals and groups that are engaging creatively and immersing themselves in community service and other fulfilling pursuits, including the arts. As these stories show, life goes on—often in ways that are fun, inventive, and fulfilling.

  • The Post Pandemic World

    The Post Pandemic World May 2020 - Here is bringing you a peep into the post-pandemic world. Eminent futurist Dr. Jagdish Sheth on how we will work, shop, relax and more in the aftermath of the current coronavirus crisis. He predicts that the Covid-19 coronavirus will have the most significant long-term consequences on our lives at home, at the workplace, and everywhere in between.


    BOMBAY DECO April 2020 - Mumbai has the second largest concentration of Art Deco buildings in the world, after Miami. In the mid-1900s, these architectural gems transformed Bombay, as it was then called, putting it in an exclusive club of fashionable cities of the world. Today a cluster of these buildings is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

  • India’s Cultural Heritage: A Dizzying Mosaic

    India’s Cultural Heritage: A Dizzying Mosaic March 2020 - INDIAN CULTURE: A GRAND OVERVIEW. Many volumes will be needed to unravel the many layers of India’s heritage. How did our diverse traditions evolve, with languages, arts, religions, cuisines, etc.?

  • The ‘Other’ Indian Immigrants

    The ‘Other’ Indian Immigrants February 2020 - Indians in America have been a "model minority," but given a dysfunctional immigration system, they have become one of the largest undocumented populations in the U.S.

  • An Indian-American Journey

    An Indian-American Journey January 2020 - RAJIV SATYAL’S INDIAN-AMERICAN JOURNEY: A comedian’s jovial and touching personal essay about family, community, and identity. Also, in an illuminating interview, Satyal shares more.


    Forum: SUPREME COURT’S AYODHYA VERDICT December 2019 - Two opinion pieces consider whether India’s Supreme Court caved in to right-wing sentiments, or made the right decision, with its recent verdict on the Babri Masjid site in Ayodhya.







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