• How Goes the American Dream?

    How Goes the American Dream? February 2024 - Despite the massively arduous path to permanent residency with inhumane levels of delays and backlogs, rising racism, and more that is stacked up against many Indian immigrants, the dream endures and America remains a beacon of hope.

  • Fashion Barons

    Fashion Barons January 2024 - The Fashion Explosion: A peek at the convergence of factors behind the fascinating explosion of fashion in India, and seven style barons who loom large on the Indian fashion scene worldwide.

  • Pundit, Patriot, & Politician

    Pundit, Patriot, & Politician December 2023 - The Multifaceted Shashi Tharoor: In our exclusive interview, the veteran diplomat, author, and Indian MP shares, with characteristic candor and courage, his views on his multiple identities, assaults on free speech, Prime Minister Modi, the Indian economy, Kashmir, the Middle East, and the Dalit leader B. R. Ambedkar.

  • The Many Faces of Diwali

    The Many Faces of Diwali November 2023 - A Season that Sparkles and Shines: From cherished memories of past Diwali celebrations in India to a report on New York’s massive block party—held every year in Times Square for the past decade—our bumper issue’s five cover story articles reveal Diwali’s many faces, including how one interreligious couple celebrates it.

  • An Elixir Called Chai

    An Elixir Called Chai October 2023 - Chai: A Nation’s Indispensable Fuel: A look at how this elixir means everything to Indians, whether they’re unwinding (“me time”) or socializing or forging business connections—and a look at how three chaiwallis in the U.S. are stepping up the chai game, which they reveal through personal stories, passion, and curated recipes.

  • Ghazal: An Exquisite Amalgamation of Poetry, Music, Language, History, and Culture.

    Ghazal: An Exquisite Amalgamation of Poetry, Music, Language, History, and Culture. September 2023 - Glorious Ghazals Go Global: Thanks to the Sultanate dynasties and Sufi mystics, the ghazal spread in the 12th century from Persia to India, where this rich, versatile poetic form picked up South Asian influences from the Mughal court and Urdu to become a local and—over time—a more global musical tradition.

  • Falling for India

    Falling for India August 2023 - The Indelible Imprint of India: For U.S.-born Kyle Patel, a year-long sojourn in India included a volunteering stint at a health NGO in Gujarat and a life-changing trip through 50 cities, leaving him in awe of the nation’s diversity and the warmth of its people, and giving him a rediscovered love for his mother tongue.

  • The Legends of Shakti

    The Legends of Shakti July 2023 - One-On-One with the Maestros of Shakti: East and West find harmony in a legendary fusion band that turns 50 this year. Founders Zakir Hussain and John McLaughlin are effusive speakers, not just performers, as can be seen from their exclusive interviews with Khabar before their much-anticipated Atlanta concert.

  • More Than Just Ethnic Artists

    More Than Just Ethnic Artists June 2023 - Indian Artists Broaden U.S. Art: While Indian artists are no longer confined to an ethnic ghetto, their ability to win mainstream recognition without losing their unique artistic perspective—and identity—remains an evolving process, as it does in other creative pursuits. Khabar spoke to several artists to get their views.

  • Portrait of A Renaissance Man

    Portrait of A Renaissance Man May 2023 - The Enduring Legacy of Rabindranath Tagore: Gurudev, the Bard of Bengal, Kobiguru. Known by these and other monikers, Tagore, India’s best-known literary figure, became the first Asian to win the Nobel Prize. That was 110 years ago. An appraisal of a Renaissance man who was a poet, philosopher, patriot, and much more.








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