• Flying Solo: Reinventing Widowhood

    Flying Solo: Reinventing Widowhood May 2022 - Women who are challenging the outdated stereotypes of a barren life after the death of their husbands.

  • At Home in Mauritius

    At Home in Mauritius April 2022 - Mauritius, a multicultural paradise that drew filmmakers and Indian celebrities who flew there for exotic beach vacations.

  • Classics With a Twist

    Classics With a Twist March 2022 - Think Dark Chocolate and Citrus Kheer, Cardamom Cheesecake, Pizza Dosa, Chilli Tomato Achaar Bread, and more. Khabar talks with world renowned chefs to find out what they think of this trend.

  • Indra Nooyi: Of Wit, Wisdom, and Purpose

    Indra Nooyi: Of Wit, Wisdom, and Purpose February 2022 - Indra Nooyi talks about why she ended up writing a book despite never intending to, breaking the glass ceiling ,the importance of creating an infrastructure to help women balance work and life, and more.

  • When Home is Not a Safe Haven

    When Home is Not a Safe Haven January 2022 - Khabar explores the cultural context that makes domestic abuse possible in the community, along with the vulnerabilities that come with the challenges thrown in by the immigration laws and the legal system. Khabar also conducted a survey to see how well we understand abuse as a community.

  • Weekend Getaways

    Weekend Getaways December 2021 - There are few hassles, and you don’t have to spend much for a good time with family and friends. These six fun destinations are not far from Atlanta, and they all have a lot to offer for both day trippers and overnighters.

  • Get Into the Holiday Spirit(s)!

    Get Into the Holiday Spirit(s)! November 2021 - Give your favorite festive foods an extra oomph by pairing them with complementary wines, beers and liquors.

  • Of Magical Realism

    Of Magical Realism October 2021 - Atlantan Roshani Chokshi’s rise to national prominence as a leading author of fantasy fiction for young adults is as dreamy as her books such as the Aru Shah series, The Gilded Wolves, and others.

  • Satyajit Ray: An Auteur of the Highest Order

    Satyajit Ray: An Auteur of the Highest Order September 2021 - An Appreciation of Satyajit Ray's Visionary Cinema: Thanks to the streaming revolution, both newer generations and old-timers can explore the enduring works of an Indian master, whose birth centennial is being celebrated this year. This in-depth look, which is also a guide to Ray’s movies, is a homage to a renaissance man who continues to inspire and entertain film lovers.

  • Let’s Not Talk About DIVORCE!

    Let’s Not Talk About DIVORCE! August 2021 - Divorce: Past the Stigma—into Healthy Insights: We spoke with several individuals who offered to share their experience of having gone through divorce, and also with experts on the issue. The insights gleaned from these conversations are revealing and often surprising.







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