• A Foodie’s Indian Journey

    A Foodie’s Indian Journey July 2016 - EATING MY WAY THROUGH DELHI: On a recent stay in India, the author rekindled memories of childhood with staples she grew up on. Add the new offerings of modern Delhi, and it's gastronomic heaven.

  • A Queer Dilemma

    A Queer Dilemma June 2016 - LGBTQ SOUTH ASIANS have remained on the sidelines of communities for far too long. They have endured the double whammy of being outcasts by sexual orientation and as brown immigrants.

  • Destination Happiness: Bhutan

    Destination Happiness: Bhutan May 2016 - The tiny Buddhist kingdom of Bhutan combines an ancient culture and pristine natural beauty with a pragmatic approach to modern living. Has Bhutan found the elusive recipe for happiness?

  • Who's Your Choice?

    Who's Your Choice? April 2016 - The thought of Donald Trump as president horrifies many people, even in the GOP. Yet, he is far from friendless among Indian-Americans, though they continue to favor Democrats in an unusual, unsettling election.

  • The Penwalas: South Asian Storytellers in Atlanta

    The Penwalas: South Asian Storytellers in Atlanta March 2016 - PENNING STORIES, PUBLISHING BOOKS: Khabar spoke to local writers Anjali Enjeti, Ajay Vishwanathan, Anju Gattani, Kamla Dutt, Reetika Khanna Nijhawan, Soniah Kamal, Tinaz Pavri, and Waqas Khwaja.

  • More Than a Billion Hopes: Will India’s promise of growth and development be delivered or derailed?

    More Than a Billion Hopes: Will India’s promise of growth and development be delivered or derailed? February 2016 - TREVOR WILLIAMS, editor of Global Atlanta, is one of Atlanta’s leading journalists on global business. His commentary and reporting in this article highlights India's economic prospects.

  • Passage to Hollywood

    Passage to Hollywood January 2016 - INDIAN ACTORS GO MAINSTREAM. Move over, stereotypes. Priyanka Chopra’s Quantico is not the only example, as Indians make a place for themselves in American movies and TV.


    MEGACITY December 2015 - Interview: Author Rana Dasgupta looks at the moneyed elite who have remade Delhi. In his new book, Capital, he shows how capitalism run amok has consequences that are disillusioning and tragic.

  • Where Is Modi Taking India?

    Where Is Modi Taking India? November 2015 - Narendra Modi’s one-year-old government has seen more troughs than peaks. While his rockstar performances abroad have raised the nation’s international profile several notches, back home, Indians are puzzled—and many disturbed—about the man they’ve elected as Prime Minister.


    ALCHEMISTS OF SOUND October 2015 - They dig deep into their musical roots and have a staggering range––from raga to reggae, hip-hop to Indian folk and Gypsy swing. This cross-cultural mix is brewed with an unerring feel for melody, rhythm and soul, and is capturing global audiences.







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