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  • Slice of Life

    Slice of Life October 2004 - In Indian cities, it is best done out on the street? in plain view? rubbing shoulders with complete strangers. An Indian-American...

  • DAS Capital

    DAS Capital October 2004 - Yes, Vasundhara Das is certainly getting her name up there in capital letters. With five super hit film songs...

  • A Seismic Shift?

    A Seismic Shift? October 2004 - When it comes to Stately visits between the two countries, the positions were predictably trite. "There can be no bilateral...

  • The Great British Curry Craze

    The Great British Curry Craze September 2004 - It is perhaps a case of opposites attract. After all, not long ago, British cuisine was considered an oxymoron in the culinary...

  • Mira Nair's Movie Magic

    Mira Nair's Movie Magic September 2004 - Her very first film was an Oscar nominee. Her Monsoon Wedding showcased Indian culture to the mainstream like never...

  • Roadside Entrepreneurs

    Roadside Entrepreneurs September 2004 - I am sure many of us remember our own summer vacations back in India. One of my memories that summarize the classic...

  • Gandhi’s Legacy to America

    Gandhi’s Legacy to America September 2004 - Mohandas K. Gandhi's indirect but compelling influence on an important chapter of American history is a testament...

  • A Gardener of the Human Spirit

    A Gardener of the Human Spirit September 2004 - Becky Douglas has a dream; and it is for a people of a land faraway from hers. She dreams of bringing self-sufficiency...

  • Cover Story

    Cover Story August 2004 - Is there too much hype these days about Indian fiction in English? A cynic may be tempted to view it as a currently...

  • Bringing up Mother

    Bringing up Mother August 2004 - It is established?I was a child prodigy. According to my mother's version of my childhood, I had a full set ...






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