• Perspectives on Partition

    Perspectives on Partition August 2019 - Perspectives on Partition, Part 1: An Unsung Hero, Allama Mashriqi’s Struggle against Partition by NASIM YOUSAF. Part 2: The Forces that Made Partition Inevitable by Dr. UMA MAJMUDAR.

  • The Guardians of India’s Cinematic Heritage

    The Guardians of India’s Cinematic Heritage July 2019 - MUMBAI, MECCA FOR FILM FANS: Have you despaired over India’s haphazard approach to cultural preservation? Take heart! We now have the Film Heritage Foundation and the National Museum of Indian Cinema.


    CRICKET NATION! June 2019 - CRICKET CRAZY! More than the classic tussle between bat and ball, in India it's a national passion, stimulus to the economy, tool for bridge-building between warring neighbors, even a religion.

  • Finding Common Sound

    Finding Common Sound May 2019 - WHEN EAST MEETS WEST, IT IS MUSIC TO THE EARS. Carnatic and Hindustani mingle with Jazz, Rock, Electronica, and more; Indian classical music goes global—this world music is alchemical.

  • Brown and Beautiful

    Brown and Beautiful April 2019 - A new generation of South Asian influencers are not only challenging mainstream notions of beauty, they are also taking baby steps towards a share in an otherwise white-dominated
    beauty industry.

  • Kumbh Mela’s Sangam: A Confluence of Rivers, Rishis, and Rogues

    Kumbh Mela’s Sangam: A Confluence of Rivers, Rishis, and Rogues March 2019 - THE KUMBH MELA: A TOURIST LOOKS AND SADHGURU EXPLAINS. An Indian-American gets a chance to experience the largest gathering of people anywhere. And Sadhguru highlights its spiritual significance.

  • Crafting Stories about Identity and Roots

    Crafting Stories about Identity and Roots February 2019 - LEADING INDIAN AUTHORS SHARE INSIGHTS ON IDENTITY: Identity is such a complicated word, evoking many emotions—and the untangling of roots is a complex task, involving many strands.

  • The Year of the (Brown) Woman

    The Year of the (Brown) Woman January 2019 - Pramila Jayapal, House Representative from Seattle, is called “a rising star.” Seema Nanda is CEO of the Democratic National Committee. These are just two of the rising crop of brown women in public life.

  • The Great Parental Role Reversal

    The Great Parental Role Reversal December 2018 - LOOKING AFTER PARENTS WHO LOOKED AFTER YOU: Two perspectives, both personal and general, from two generations on caring for aging parents, even as we get older--it requires careful thought and preparation.

  • ARTlanta

    ARTlanta November 2018 - SOUTH ASIAN ARTISTS IN ATLANTA: painting or sculpture, traditional or modern, Indian or fusion—here are sharply etched pen portraits of dynamic artists and stunning images of their work.






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