• Where Is Modi Taking India?

    Where Is Modi Taking India? November 2015 - Narendra Modi’s one-year-old government has seen more troughs than peaks. While his rockstar performances abroad have raised the nation’s international profile several notches, back home, Indians are puzzled—and many disturbed—about the man they’ve elected as Prime Minister.


    ALCHEMISTS OF SOUND October 2015 - They dig deep into their musical roots and have a staggering range––from raga to reggae, hip-hop to Indian folk and Gypsy swing. This cross-cultural mix is brewed with an unerring feel for melody, rhythm and soul, and is capturing global audiences.


    MOVIES THAT MATTER September 2015 - Indian movies are increasingly brave, individualistic, and not tied to any musty formula. Filmgoers can opt for IQ over item number, and matter over muscle–-still with the beautiful music.

  • Comics to the Cosmos

    Comics to the Cosmos August 2015 - A STUNNING COCKTAIL OF ART, MYTHOLOGY, AND SPIRITUALITY. Artist Abhishek Singh creates drawings, paintings, comics, and his graphic novel Krishna: A Journey Within, prodigiously.

  • School Matters

    School Matters July 2015 - Indian-Americans emphasize education. Many are in well-performing public schools, but the affluent don’t ignore private schools. Who chooses which, and why? Khabar takes an in-depth look.

  • Interview: LESLEE UDWIN, Director of Banned Documentary, India’s Daughter

    Interview: LESLEE UDWIN, Director of Banned Documentary, India’s Daughter June 2015 - In an interview with the filmmaker during her appearance in Atlanta, we probe the fog of speculation surrounding India’s Daughter—why she made the film, and her views on patriarchal culture.

  • 12 Dazzling Daytrips and Weekend Destinations

    12 Dazzling Daytrips and Weekend Destinations May 2015 - Tantalizing destinations are less than a tankful of gas away: forests, waterfalls, mountains, beaches, historic towns, wine country, and the country music capital of the world.

  • Culinary Crusaders

    Culinary Crusaders April 2015 - It’s exciting times for Indian cuisine when a national trendsetter like Whole Foods is experimenting with a concept called "Dosateria,” the South Indian classic in an American avatar.

  • Investing in India

    Investing in India March 2015 - Why would an individual invest in India, with the complexity of legal codes, tax consequences in two countries, repatriation, and risk of currency fluctuation? Superior gains!

  • “The business of our relationship has to be business”

    “The business of our relationship has to be business” February 2015 - AMBASSADOR JAISHANKAR (now India's foreign secretary) talks to Khabar about assuming office in the US, steering relations onto a healthier track, and changing the US perception of India.






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