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Pumping Up!!!

November 2003
Pumping Up!!!

BY Dr. Ketan B. Patel

Women are individuals whom wear many hats in our society such as one of a consummate professional, ace homemaker, and supermom. All of these important positions commonly require one to devote many hours of the day to be on their feet, and not to mention being a woman often requires special considerations concerning their feet most men often do not have to make. One thing for women to consider is high heel shoes, generally defined as shoes with a heel height greater than two inches.

Due to the unnatural elevation high heels shoes induce alterations in posture, misalignments in lower limb joints, and an unbalanced position is attained. This leads to alterations in gait, excess pressure on weight bearing joints leading to joint problems, shorting of the calf muscles, and instability leading to disabling injuries.

However due to many factors such as the fashionable qualities of High heeled shoes, social pressure or even perceived notion that it is more professional to wear pumps and even sometimes pressure from employers to satisfy attire requirements women persist to wear high heel shoes. If this remains the case then certain adjustments should be made.

For instance, the time these high heel shoes are worn should be limited as much as possible. A dress flat should be considered if not as a total substitute then at least a partial one during the times heeled shoes are not worn due to the lower heel height. When buying high heel shoes selections should be made during the afternoon to ensure the right width is chosen due to the fact feet swell in the afternoon. Also new age high heel shoes, which possess the qualities of an athletic shoes with the fashion merits of a pump should be considered. The "comfort or Performance" high heel shoes bear qualities such as reinforced heels, increased cushioning due to the use of space age materials with memory, pliable soles, and wider toe boxes.

So if high heel shoe are a must then these are some tips that should be considered when women are lookin to pump themselves up!!!


Dr. Ketan B. Patel born and raised in Atlanta has been an active member of the American and Asian community for most of his life. Dr. Patel attended his formal training at the University of Georgia and the Ohio College of Podiatric Medicine (an affiliate of the Cleveland Clinic). His served his residency in Baltimore, Maryland at prestigious institutes such as Bon Secours, John Hopkins, University of Maryland, and Union Memorial Hospitals. His interests include Sports medicine, Occupational medicine, Geriatric care, Diabetic care, Pediatric care, Biomechanics and Surgery of the foot, ankle, and leg. Fluent in English, Gujarati, and Hindi Dr. Patel can help you in any of his three offices in Conyers, Southlake, or College Park (Airport). For more information feel free to contact him at 404-768-FEET (3668).

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