• Live and Love, Love and Live

    Live and Love, Love and Live September 2011 - One must not give in to despondency. ... We are all flawed: farmers and scientists, moneylenders and column-writers. ... Love, beginning with love of self, is truly the essence of life.

  • Charitable Nepotism

    Charitable Nepotism August 2011 - Transparency is core to the truthful Gandhian life. Your parents may or may not have taken a short-cut. By asking in an open-ended way what happened and how it was done, you could mention your worry and explore this through truthful dialogue.

  • Immortal Illustrated Stories

    Immortal Illustrated Stories July 2011 - Of course, discourse need not resort to name-calling. Gandhiji, Anant Pai, and, most likely, your Dadiji all wanted to do something for their country. To call them racists because they lived in an era different from ours is not helpful.

  • A Little Self Control, Please

    A Little Self Control, Please June 2011 - Joseph Lelyveld’s book about Gandhiji has been banned by the Gujarat Assembly. According to Chief Minister Narendra Modi, “This publication defames the Mahatma and there is rising anger not only in Gujarat but in the entire country.”

  • Why Does Cricket Matter?

    Why Does Cricket Matter? May 2011 - Mahatma Gandhi, the “Father of the Nation” was once a young boy who, most likely, played cricket. But life’s turns took him away from the frivolous fun and games that most of us enjoy (or at least use as a form of distraction).

  • Politics of Non-Cooperation

    Politics of Non-Cooperation April 2011 - Mahatma Gandhi believed that change would come by working within the system by using his engineering and business skills to solve big problems.

  • Elephant Mothers

    Elephant Mothers March 2011 - Elephants in the wild have a highly evolved social structure. While the fathers tend to be less involved in childrearing, the mothers work together to nurture their children.

  • Who Owns Yoga?

    Who Owns Yoga? February 2011 - So, who owns yoga? Leaving aside the economics, one answer is, “You do. But only if you use it.”

  • Past, Present, Future

    Past, Present, Future January 2011 - An advice column offering the Mahatma’s perspective on modern dilemmas

  • Losing a Loved One

    Losing a Loved One December 2010 - An advice column offering the Mahatma’s perspective on modern dilemmas.






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