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  • The Privilege of Leadership

    The Privilege of Leadership December 2016 - Usually, people understand leadership as a position of power. But leaders who are successful and loved live in continuous sacrifice--then your life and activity are no longer about yourself.

  • When Sadhana Becomes Successful

    When Sadhana Becomes Successful November 2016 - There is only here, and there is only now. The rest is all in your head. Nothing needs to happen, and yet you can go through life in a most wondrous way because of what you do within yourself.

  • What Does Self-Realization Mean?

    What Does Self-Realization Mean? October 2016 - If you live here as a potential calamity, to be anxious and fearful is very natural. To live your life with a certain ease, you have to know this piece of life. Self-realization is a must.

  • Meditation: Going Beyond Logic

    Meditation: Going Beyond Logic September 2016 - Spiritual sadhana simply means erasing the false faces that you have created for yourself, so the mind becomes like a plain mirror which reflects everything just the way it is, without any distortions.

  • Is Desire the Source of All Misery?

    Is Desire the Source of All Misery? August 2016 - Q: If desire is the cause of all sorrow and tension, how can I get rid of desire? A: If you bring awareness to your desiring process, it is a wonderful instrument. You must become conscious.

  • How Can I Cultivate Faith?

    How Can I Cultivate Faith? July 2016 - People who talk about loyalty have a vested interest in how to hold you. Faith is not for holding you, but for liberating you. Faith is not about being for this group or that group.

  • Conscious Consumption: a Sensible Mode of Life

    Conscious Consumption: a Sensible Mode of Life June 2016 - Nowadays you see that many of the most successful people have really tense and agitated faces. It is mindless consumerism that leads to suffering.

  • Pilgrimage: Celebrating Your Smallness

    Pilgrimage: Celebrating Your Smallness May 2016 - If a person does not realize how small he is, he will fail to include everything within himself. If he thinks he is big, he becomes small. If he knows that he is small, he becomes unlimited.

  • Attend to the Violence Within

    Attend to the Violence Within April 2016 - Our music, our dance, our culture, the very way we move and do things in our lives is becoming violent. We shouldn’t be surprised if it spills over onto the street once in a way.

  • Don’t Plan Your Life Away

    Don’t Plan Your Life Away March 2016 - You need a plan to know what to do tomorrow morning, but don’t expect your life to go by the plan. Always dream that your life will happen way beyond your plan, your imagination, your expectations.






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