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  • Ask the Doc: Is an Indian Vegetarian Diet Deficient in Protein?

    Ask the Doc: Is an Indian Vegetarian Diet Deficient in Protein? June 2017 - Although the Indian vegetarian diet is lower in protein content than non-veg, a carefully planned vegetarian diet with milk products, nuts, beans, and lentils can provide the RDA of protein.

  • Keep It Complex

    Keep It Complex May 2017 - Simple carbohydrates can contribute to weight gain, whereas complex carbs aid in weight loss. Here are four good complex carbs: quinoa, farro, blue corn flour, and purple sweet potato.

  • Be Wise When You Exercise

    Be Wise When You Exercise March 2017 - Here are tips on avoiding accidents during exercise, including warming up, proper form, recovery/rest time, cross-training, proper shoes, existing injury or pain, and adequate nutrition.

  • Fundamentals of Eating Right

    Fundamentals of Eating Right February 2017 - The key to a long, healthy life is this: Get the exercise you need with 10,000 steps & adding weights, and eat whole unprocessed foods with controlled calories and a focus on protein & fiber.

  • Exercise Caution with Social Media

    Exercise Caution with Social Media January 2017 - Here are some ways that social media can either help or hinder your fitness. At times it’s tricky because what we read and hear might be misleading.

  • FitnessLifestyle: Giving Seniors a Leg Up

    FitnessLifestyle: Giving Seniors a Leg Up November 2016 - Maintaining strong legs becomes important as we age, because it improves the quality of life by making daily activities—climbing stairs, getting in/out of cars, even standing up—more manageable.

  • A Little Bit of Diabetes

    A Little Bit of Diabetes September 2016 - Don't ignore diabetes. South Asians can indeed beat their genetics—with vigorous exercise, significant diet changes, and working with doctors and nutritionists to conquer the odds.

  • Plank Exercises = Strong Core

    Plank Exercises = Strong Core July 2016 - Back and abdominal muscles are vital for every function in our daily lives, yet most people don't exercise these core muscles enough and are prone to back pain and injury. Plank exercises help.

  • Tackling Childhood Obesity

    Tackling Childhood Obesity June 2016 - The new obesity epidemic, with poor diets and lack of exercise, has made our children and youth vulnerable to premature mortality, to ailments that were diseases of the aged.

  • CoolSculpting

    CoolSculpting May 2016 - With over two million procedures done worldwide, it is the world’s premier noninvasive, nonsurgical fat reduction treatment.






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