Tech Trailblazers: Breaking the Glass Ceiling

Tech Trailblazers: Breaking the Glass Ceiling

SHE’S GOT TECH! The male-dominated tech world is showing signs of opening up, largely due to the determined efforts of women themselves. Even as gender imbalance remains an ugly blot on the face of the tech industry, some women leaders are bucking the trend with their inspiring tales of innovation, entrepreneurial savvy, and leadership skills. Here’s a look at some trailblazers (Roopa Unnikrishnan, newly elected President of TiE NY; Reshma Saujani, founder of the nonprofit Girls Who Code; Ritu Banga of Zoomdojo; Atlanta’s own Vibha Rustagi, founder of itaas; and Naheed Syed of GlobalResource Management) who are at the forefront of the geek glass ceiling.
But there’s still some way to go before women stamp their presence on the industry. The women also explore reasons for the disparity (e.g. social conditioning, classroom environments, the absence of mentors, the male-oriented marketing of computer games and computers, and pay disparity) and what measures can alter the status quo. Read more »

Tiger Moms are Passé—it’s the Age of the Global Parent

The cultural differences between East and West are strikingly apparent in how children are brought up and what they learn in school, something all immigrant communities are familiar with. Read more »

People: Big Apple's Techie-in-Chief

Tech guru and journalism professor Sree Sreenivasan was in charge of all things digital at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Here's how he landed his gig as New York City’s Chief Digital Officer. Read more »

Humor: What is in a name?

Humor: the national epidemic of government babus misspelling names! A hilarious take on how desi babus misspell names—and the fallout for the hapless citizen of India! Read more »

Whose Worldview is More Aligned with Reality?

The political discourse of the nation is no longer just about policy differences. Each side believes the other is stupid or sinister, or both, full of lies and propaganda. What sources shape these views? Read more »

Letters from Readers

Whose life matters? / Thanks for thinking of us! re Ahmadiyya Muslims giving water to Peachtree Road Race runners while fasting themselves / Sweet memories of Parle-G biscuits Read more »

Saving for College and Retirement

Tips on trying to meet two great financial goals at once. Saving for retirement is a must. Saving for college is certainly a priority. How do you do both at once? Here are several suggestions. Read more »

New Overtime Rules from DOL

The Department of Labor has revised a rule regarding salary threshold for employees to be considered “exempt” from overtime pay. Here's the background, what's new, and what employers should do. Read more »

A Little Bit of Diabetes

Don't ignore diabetes. South Asians can indeed beat their genetics—with vigorous exercise, significant diet changes, and working with doctors and nutritionists to conquer the odds. Read more »

Immigration News Briefs

Provisional Waiver Law Expanded to permanent resident spouses or parents (i.e. green card holders) / DACA Update / DATES FOR FILING VISA APPLICATIONS / APPLICATION FINAL ACTION DATES Read more »

Who will play Deepika’s husband in Padmavati?

Who will play Deepika Padukone’s husband in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s next extravaganza, Padmavati, which also stars Ranveer Singh? Deepika may choose! She never meets Ranveer in the film! Read more »


Devika Chhipa Kumar, a Grade 12 student in Texas, raised money to install a sanitary pad manufacturing machine in Rajasthan, for her Girl Scout project. It will benefit women in five villages. Read more »

Top honors for Suraj Masand at leadership conference

Suraj Masand from Alpharetta High School took first place in Desktop Application Programming at the Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) National Leadership Conference on July 2, 2016. Read more »

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Deportation by Arrhythmia

7/29/13: Arjan Singh arrived in San Francisco by ship, but was deported on the grounds that his arrhythmia would affect his ability to earn a living and would make him "a public charge." Read more »

Meditation: Going Beyond Logic

Spiritual sadhana simply means erasing the false faces that you have created for yourself, so the mind becomes like a plain mirror which reflects everything just the way it is, without any distortions. Read more »



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