The Changing Storyline of Indian Cinema

The Changing Storyline of Indian Cinema

NEW WAVES IN INDIAN CINEMA: The flux that Indian cinema has been going through is no longer a new story. Much ink, including in this magazine, has flowed in chronicling these exciting changes. Mainstream Bollywood, with its traditional and formulaic approach to films, no longer hogs the industry. The range of subjects and issues is expanding; meaningful cinema is gaining while mindless entertainment is ebbing. You know it, you can feel it, you can see it everywhere, and yet there is no term to describe it. The new movies aren’t mainstream as they have been, but neither are they exactly arthouse cinema. They aren’t “commercial” but neither are they quite “parallel.” But something else is also happening. Here are the latest trends: Indian cinema, in some cases, is going international, going the way of short films, and going digital—skipping brick-and-mortar theaters altogether. Most important is the refreshing variety of themes that were absent in years past. Read more »

Youth: My Personal Definition of Success

A college sophomore on what the great immigrant drive for success has meant to him: If we view our duties as motivators rather than requirements, we can achieve our goals. We can challenge the world. Read more »

Books: Dimple’s Blues in Bombay

Singer, songwriter, and award-winning author Tanuja Desai Hidier spoke to Khabar about her second novel, Bombay Blues, and her innovative “booktrack,” a soundtrack titled Bombay Spleen. Read more »

Film: Riding High on RAW & RISQUÉ

For a mainstream Hindi movie to tackle political and law enforcement corruption, the pharmaceutical industry, human trafficking, modern slavery, and rampant drug abuse is remarkable indeed. Read more »

Here’s What’s Missing from “Black Lives Matter”

Black Lives Matter is a valid movement, and direly needed--but the polarization and damage to Black lives and Blue lives will get worse unless both sides shift from blame to introspection. Read more »

Letters from Readers

Homily or visionary? (Sadhguru) / A good issue (April) / Hailing the nation (editorial) / Carbohydrates and the Indian diet / Correction: (Mangoes article) Read more »

Could Social Security Really Go Away?

How gloomy is the future of Social Security? No one wants to see it go away, so what might Congress do to address the crisis? Here are possibilities to keep in mind as you plan your retirement. Read more »

New Overtime Rules from DOL

The Department of Labor has revised a rule regarding salary threshold for employees to be considered “exempt” from overtime pay. Here's the background, what's new, and what employers should do. Read more »

Plank Exercises = Strong Core

Back and abdominal muscles are vital for every function in our daily lives, yet most people don't exercise these core muscles enough and are prone to back pain and injury. Plank exercises help. Read more »

Immigration News Briefs

Supreme Court Ruling on DAPA/DACA / USCIS Returns H1B Cases Rejected in Lottery / InfoPass System Updated for Problem Cases / New H1B/L1 Bill Is Detrimental to Indian IT Companies Read more »

Its official! Kareena Kapoor Khan is expecting

Saif Ali Khan finally confirmed that his wife Kareena Kapoor was indeed pregnant, and that their bundle of joy was due in December. This will be Bebo’s first child, and Saif’s third. Read more »


Dutee Chand became only the second Indian sprinter to qualify for the Olympics in the 100m dash, matching the feat of P.T. Usha in 1980. Her testosterone levels are no longer a bar to competing. Read more »

National laurels for CAUSA Atlanta Under-10-year-olds Cricket team

At the third edition of the National Youth Cricket League (NYCL) in Houston, Atlanta's Ishaan Roy, Captain of CAUSA – Atlanta U10 team was tournament MVP, and his team was Runner-Up in Under-10. Read more »

Quiz, Robots, a Silver Jubilee, Surfing, Bangladesh

Who What Where When and Why Quiz / Making Robots Dance / An Indian Silver Jubilee: 1991 / Surf Like a Swami: Jack Hebner / An Eye on Bangladesh: terrorism, Tahmima Anam and her writing. Read more »

Madame Pandit Lecture on Trade Opportunities

7/27/49: Madame Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit (1900-1990), “India’s First Ambassador to the U.S.,” spoke on “Opportunities for Trade with India” in San Francisco. She was related to three Prime Ministers. Read more »

Is Desire the Source of All Misery?

Q: If desire is the cause of all sorrow and tension, how can I get rid of desire? A: If you bring awareness to your desiring process, it is a wonderful instrument. You must become conscious. Read more »






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