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Voices: Time to Align with the Black Community

Voices: Time to Align with the Black Community

“To serve and protect” is a worthy police motto, but those words ring hollow for the long-victimized African American community. While George Flyod’s horrific murder reignited the Black Lives Matter movement, drawing wide support, where do Indian-Americans stand on policing and protests—and are they willing to join the fight for racial justice? Read more »

Perspective: Our Modern Family

Modern Family, a sitcom provides insights on how partners with kids from previous marriages can reinvent their family. Read more »

Travel: A Plunge Into Adventure—of Body and Spirit

Besides spirituality, sports such as rafting, kayaking, and rappelling draw seekers to the Himalayan town of Rishikesh. Read more »

Remembrance: The Legacy of Two Chefs

A fond farewell to two inventive trailblazing Indian-born chefs who have left their imprint on the culinary scene in the U.S. Read more »

Books: Henna, Hardship, and Hope

Looking for summer reading suggestions? Alka Joshi’s bestselling debut novel will transport you to India and life of a henna artist. Read more »

Sitcom: My Complicated Relationship with Devi

Mindy Kaling's sitcom on Indian American teens. Its pleasures are many, so are its shortcomings. Read more »

Spotlight: Showbiz Entrepreneur with the Midas Touch

The friendly, persuasive concert promoter from Alabama became a formidable presence in just two years. Read more »

IndiaScope: Understanding the New World (Dis)Order

In just a few months, the pandemic has changed our lives so much that it’s hard to know when and how it will end, and what it all means. Read more »

Tributes: The comforting Genius of IRRFAN

A powerhouse of talent, Irrfan Khan excelled in making the ordinary seem special. His loss was a blow to film fans. Read more »

Quagmire: Black Lives in the U.S

Systemic and structural racism continue to shackle Black lives, while police brutality against them has become epidemic. Genuine alignment with BLM, however, also requires courage to call out extremism in the movement. Read more »

Letters from Readers

Letters to the Editor: Enjoyed reading Khabar, especially article on Rajasthan | Ethnicity, race, color and religion shouldn’t determine fates | Don’t neglect climate change | Are you a teen with a view? Share your perspectives on Covid-19 and BLM | Write to us. Read more »

College Funding Options

How can you cover your child’s future college costs? Saving early (and often) may be key for most families. 529 college savings plans, Coverdell ESAs, UGMA & UTMA accounts, and Whole life insurance are some of the college savings vehicles to consider. Read more »

Now About That Loan Forgiveness

The Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Loan was government assistance initiative for the Covid-19 crisis. New rules apply after a June 5 law that extends the covered period to December 31, 2020, and relaxes some other criteria. Read more »

Health: Fad diets aren’t the solution— what’s better?

Faddish diets are not the solution for losing weight and staying fit. Why Keto, Paleo, and other fad diets are not magic pills. Read more »

Immigration News Briefs

Beginning June 4, 2020, certain USCIS field offices and asylum offices have resumed non-emergency face-to-face services to the public. Read more »

Sushant Singh Rajput is no more

In a news that shocked Bollywood fans, Sushant Singh Rajput is no more. Loved for his small screen performances and his big screen debut with Kai Po Che!, he impressed as former Indian cricket captain, Mahendra Singh Dhoni in the biopic, Dhoni: The Untold Story. Read more »


Indian chess prodigy Nihal Sarin recently challenged world chess champion Magnus Carlsen to a series of online chess shootouts. Carlsen beat the youngster in one-minute bullet games but lost to him in a three-minute blitz game. Read more »

Preeti Iyer receives Class of 1901 Medal at Princeton

Princeton senior Preeti Iyer, a resident of Alpharetta, Georgia, received the Walter E. Hope Class of 1901 Medal, which recognizes the senior who, in the judgment of the student’s classmates, has done the most for Princeton University. Read more »


Read our regular columns: ‘Who, What, Where, When & Why’ and ‘Book Matters’. Also: ‘Impact of Immigrant Voters on 2020 election' and 'When the Greeks came to India'. Read more »

Racing for Equality

Anirvan Chatterjee, founder of and director of Data Strategy at UC-San Francisco’s Clinical & Translational Science Institute, calls for stronger ties between South Asian Americans and African Americans. He notes how they have worked together in past and can do so again. Read more »

Are you part of the problem or part of the solution?

The day the COVID-19 lockdown was announced across India, Sadhguru had this to say, “Those of you who are on the spiritual path or so you thought—this is a grand time for you." He says it's also a fantastic time for thinkers, musicians, students and everybody else. Read more »






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