• Of Foreigners and Terrorists

    Of Foreigners and Terrorists February 2011 - Amitava Kumar is a critically acclaimed author whose latest book, A Foreigner Carrying in the Crook of his Arm a Tiny Bomb, is a damning indictment of the global war on terror. In an interview with Khabar, Kumar explains why he thinks the war on terror is an elaborate and expensive distraction that harms rather than helps our cause against terrorism. Kumar's books include Bombay- London- New York, which is a chronicle of the immigrant experience. Circling the three capitals of the Indian diaspora, Bombay- London- New York captures the contours of the expatriate experience, touching on the themes of abandonment, nostalgia, and exile that have powered some of the most prominent Indian writers today. Passport Photos , one of Kumar’s earliest books, also trains its lens on the immigrant narrative and focuses as well on transnational identities and globalization.

  • The Crux of India’s Heritage

    The Crux of India’s Heritage December 2010 - Psychiatrist PAUL R. FLEISCHMAN, winner of the distinguished Oskar Pfister Award from the American Psychiatric Association, a student of India for over forty years, and author of several books including Cultivating Inner Peace, highlights some gems at the crux of the Indian heritage.

  • Parenting Between Cultures

    Parenting Between Cultures November 2010 - The question is, what specific steps are parents taking to secure happiness and success for their children? Is it enough to provide three balanced meals a day, a roof over their heads, religious exposure, and a high-quality education that is supplemented by Kumon and the likes? Is it enough to provide three balanced meals a day, a roof over their heads, religious exposure, and a high-quality education that is supplemented by Kumon and the likes?

  • Wooing Washington

    Wooing Washington October 2010 - About a hundred years ago Indian immigrants in America faced hard times. The earliest Punjabi immigrants in California had to battle prejudice and many forms of discrimination. The Immigration Act of 1917, besides adding several restrictive conditions, outright barred immigrants from Asia and the Pacific Islands.

  • Worth a Thousand Words and More

    Worth a Thousand Words and More September 2010 - What happens when young tribal teens in Assam—who haven’t seen a camera before— are given digital cameras and just told to go shoot? Magic happens, in the form of stunning visual portraits of life, finds a photojournalist from Georgia.

  • Young India, Old India

    Young India, Old India August 2010 - How has the country changed in the 63 years of its independence? In an attempt to peer into the pulse of a rapidly transforming nation, we present the personal stories and views of several youngsters as well as seniors, some of whom were active participants in the freedom struggle.

  • Ayurveda in America

    Ayurveda in America July 2010 -

  • My Mother – The Proud American Citizen

    My Mother – The Proud American Citizen June 2010 -

  • An American Journey

    An American Journey June 2010 -

  • Fashion Forays

    Fashion Forays April 2010 - Indian designs and designers are making headways into the mainstream fashion scene. Indian-inspired fashion has made it to the White House! When President Obama threw his first state dinner, first lady Michelle Obama chose to wear a striking champagne-colored tulle gown with silver tiki embroidered flowers created by Mumbai-born designer Naeem Khan. Earlier in the day she wore a skirt created by another designer who has her roots in India, Rachel Roy.






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