• Backstage With Bombay Dreams

    Backstage With Bombay Dreams September 2006 - When it comes to weekend entertainment, have you ever found yourself in that strange but uniquely desi dilemma? The one where you can't decide between easing into a Bollywood movie or tackling some other entertainment .........

  • The Unbounded DEEPAK CHOPRA

    The Unbounded  DEEPAK CHOPRA August 2006 - How does one introduce a man everyone already knows? What else can be said about an award-winning sage who is sought out as a keynote speaker by academic institutions, Fortune 100 companies.............

  • The Pioneers

    The Pioneers July 2006 - Being an Indian-American today is easy and even exciting. But how was it for those who sailed across the oceans in the early to mid 1900s?..........

  • Chai and Chit-Chat with Lisa Ray

    Chai and Chit-Chat with Lisa Ray June 2006 - Born to a Polish mother and a Bengali father, the stunning Lisa Ray was in Atlanta recently to inaugurate the release of her film, Water, at The High Museum of Art. Khabar met the model-turned-VJ-turned-actress ..........

  • All in the Desi Family

    All in the Desi Family May 2006 - A look at Indian-American joint families Fourteen people at a dinner table. No, it is not a party. It's an everyday affair at this Patel residence. Every evening without exception, three generations of Patels living together..........

  • Making the Water Flow

    Making the Water Flow April 2006 - Filmmaker Deepa Mehta is not deterred by the obstacles on her journey. Deepa Mehta is no stranger to controversy. Fire, the first film in her so-called ‘elements' trilogy, caused a sensation .......

  • Indians Across Borders

    Indians Across Borders March 2006 - A look at the Indian immigrant communities in Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand reveals that not only do our Far Eastern counterparts have significantly different characteristics compared to Indian-Americans.........

  • A Successful Twist in Bollywood’s Plot

    A Successful Twist in Bollywood’s Plot March 2006 - The Mumbai-based Hindi film industry has had a dramatic about-face from the quaint old days of formulistic family melodramas with its usual set of big name players.......

  • Giving Back to the Native Land

    Giving Back to the Native Land January 2006 - Pujari, a non-profit Bengali organization, held a tennis tournament at East Roswell Park, on Nov. 12 and 19. There were 14 teams divided into four groups.......

  • MEDITATION in Cowboy Land

    MEDITATION in Cowboy Land December 2005 - How's that for a jarring image of incompatibility? John Wayne and the characters he played in movies, represents...



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