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  • Hangama in Hotlanta

    Hangama in Hotlanta January 2007 - From the Djs and the destinations to the music and the measured mojo of desi night life in Atlanta, here's a look at the scene.....................

  • The New Brigade

    The New Brigade December 2006 - Entrepreneurship has been a foundational block of the success of Indian-Americans. Here's a look at second generation entrepreneurs to see how, while duplicating and building upon their parents' success...........

  • On Call and Reporting Live

    On Call and Reporting Live November 2006 - The multitalented Dr. Sanjay Gupta, who does double duty as Emory-based neurosurgeon and CNN medical correspondent, talks to Khabar ............

  • Opinion: A Grand Charade

    Opinion: A Grand Charade October 2006 - It is one grand game of charades! At the helm is the economic and political establishment of the country and its institutions such as the grandiosely restructured federal agency now called the USCIS ..............

  • Immigration Blues

    Immigration Blues October 2006 - Much ink and anguish has gone into what is now one of the most pressing national concerns of our times. Here, we examine the extent to which the system is broken, and how it affects South Asians.

  • Backstage With Bombay Dreams

    Backstage With Bombay Dreams September 2006 - When it comes to weekend entertainment, have you ever found yourself in that strange but uniquely desi dilemma? The one where you can't decide between easing into a Bollywood movie or tackling some other entertainment .........

  • The Unbounded DEEPAK CHOPRA

    The Unbounded  DEEPAK CHOPRA August 2006 - How does one introduce a man everyone already knows? What else can be said about an award-winning sage who is sought out as a keynote speaker by academic institutions, Fortune 100 companies.............

  • The Pioneers

    The Pioneers July 2006 - Being an Indian-American today is easy and even exciting. But how was it for those who sailed across the oceans in the early to mid 1900s?..........

  • Chai and Chit-Chat with Lisa Ray

    Chai and Chit-Chat with Lisa Ray June 2006 - Born to a Polish mother and a Bengali father, the stunning Lisa Ray was in Atlanta recently to inaugurate the release of her film, Water, at The High Museum of Art. Khabar met the model-turned-VJ-turned-actress ..........

  • All in the Desi Family

    All in the Desi Family May 2006 - A look at Indian-American joint families Fourteen people at a dinner table. No, it is not a party. It's an everyday affair at this Patel residence. Every evening without exception, three generations of Patels living together..........






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