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Letters from Readers

August 2019
Letters from Readers

PM Modi’s reelection deserves better coverage

I read the Tinaz Pavri-authored article in the July 2019 edition of Khabar reacting to PM Modi’s landslide victory in the May election (“IndiaScope: Round Two for Prime Minister Narendra Modi”). I was quite surprised that the lone article about the Indian election was not the front cover story of the year, but instead barely noticeable on one page.

There is an obvious biased perspective that the author holds throughout the article. She acknowledges that “India’s voters are sophisticated enough to vote what they believe is best for their needs and their country.” Yet she goes on to equate the last five years of Modi’s term to Emergency, the darkest period in Indian democracy. Voters have done quite the opposite of felling an all-powerful government but instead given them a historic victory.

The author also fails to acknowledge the significance of a majority-formed government in Indian democracy. In a country with seven recognized national political parties and myriad more state and local ones, 2019 is the first time that an incumbent party has attained a greater number of seats than before. This is no small feat. Indians across the globe are celebrating the greatest exercise of democracy held in the history of mankind.

As much as Indians everywhere respect and welcome differing opinions, as a portal to home for all Indians, Khabar should do the same and provide balanced reporting.

Tirth Shah
Commerce, GA





“Hope conquers fear” for a positive life

Your interview with Dr. Suvrat Bhargave (“LifePositive: Insights from a Beloved Psychiatrist” by Parthiv N. Parekh, June 2019) was very impressive. People, especially youngsters, all over the world are having psychiatric problems.1 We appreciate logic and science for treatment, but let’s not forget that fear is the main cause of problems like depression, etc.

In my long life of almost eight decades, I have found that most of us who believe in our cultural values, spirituality, and religion are less prone to problems of stress. You can be from any religion/ culture/ continent/race, etc. and if you believe in hope, all is fine.

I always remember having met Sadhu Vaswani on a number of occasions and agree with him: he wrote a book called Kill Fear before Fear Kills You. Spirituality and god play a very important role in your healing. Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda is fantastic, and I recommend it also to patients of every religion.

Spiritual leaders and elders—like grandfathers—play a very important role, especially in your mental health.

Madan Gupta
Suwanee, GA

1. See also our related Around Town article (by Mahadev Desai and Viren Mayani, July 2019) on the Heartfulness Institute’s efforts to help youth cope with mental health issues, a global crisis coming from stress, mental fatigue, and competition, resulting in a record number of recent deaths by suicide.





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