• Now Playing Near You

    Now Playing Near You October 2013 - To commemorate Indian cinema’s 100th anniversary, here’s news for local film lovers: Atlanta is now one of the fastest-growing markets for Bollywood films, with high rankings.

  • Mobile Phones Turn 40

    Mobile Phones Turn 40 October 2013 - This is an anniversary year for mobile phones, the World Wide Web, and commercially available cell phones. All have transformed our lives. Look at India's statistics—and the benefits!

  • Stephen: The Other Alter

    Stephen: The Other Alter October 2013 - Tom Alter is well known as a film actor. Stephen Alter, a first cousin who also grew up in India, writes fiction and nonfiction and plays the lead role in a well regarded literary festival.

  • Miss America 2014

    Miss America 2014 October 2013 - Nina Davuluri is the first Indian-American to win a Miss America title, significant despite the ignorant comments that followed. An Indian comment on her color is worth noting!

  • Meeting of Minds

    Meeting of Minds October 2013 - Computer scientists Rajesh Rao and Andrea Stocco have documented brain-to-brain communication, telepathy. Rao hopes science will help solve the Indus script puzzle, too.


    BOOK MATTERS October 2013 - Nonfiction: Chaudhuri - Calcutta, Astill - The Great Tamasha. Novels: Lahiri - The Lowland, Lalwani - The Village, Suri - The City of Devi, Sundaresan - The Mountain of Light.

  • Of Brandy and Brands

    Of Brandy and Brands September 2013 - The GI registry, established in India a decade ago, currently has a list of 193 protected brand names--and liquor dominates among the foreign brands seeking a foothold.

  • What's India's Top University?

    What's India's Top University? September 2013 - Several lists rank universities around the world. You might be surprised at the results for India--but scholars debate the validity of such rankings in the Indian context.

  • Amartya Sen Dubbed ‘World Thinker’

    Amartya Sen Dubbed ‘World Thinker’ September 2013 - Although Indian universities today lag in world rankings, an ancient university called Nalanda was rated very highly. Its revival has been spearheaded by Nobel laureate Amartya Sen.


    BOOK MATTERS September 2013 - The Sleeping Dictionary by Sujata Massey [suspensful novel] / The Problem with Being Slightly Heroic by Uma Krishnaswami [grades 3-7] / The Enduring Ark by Gita Wolf [ages 6+]






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